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Multiple Subject Credential

Degree Requirements

Multiple Subject Credential and MA in Early Childhood Education

While the multiple subject credential program prepares students to teach in any self-contained K–8 classroom, it is recommended for those interested in teaching grades K–6. This work is generally completed in conjunction with a master of arts degree program with an emphasis on teaching.


Year One

EDUC 236 Development and Learning in Young Children (4)

EDUC 300A/B Curriculum and Instruction in the Elementary School (4)

EDUC 303A/B Mathematics in the Elementary School (4; 4)

EDUC 347A/B Introduction to the Profession of Teaching Diverse Learners (2; 2)

EDUC 348 Building Structures for Equity, Excellence, and Access (2)

EDUC 352 English Language Development and Content Instruction Methods—Multiple Subject (4)

EDUC 373A/B Student Teaching in the Elementary School (2–12; 2–12)

EDUC 379 Teaching Language Arts and Literature in the Primary Grades (4)

EDUC 380 Teaching Reading and Language Arts in the Elementary School (4)


Year Two

EDUC 260 History and Theories of Play (2)

EDUC 291A/B Theory and Practice of Early Childhood Education: Infants and Preschoolers (4; 4)

EDUC 290 Advanced Seminar in Child Development (4)

EDUC 294A Graduate Seminar: Research in Education—ECE (4)

EDUC 294B Research Seminar—ECE (4)


Choose two of the following:

EDUC 234 Research Methodology for Observing Children (2)

EDUC 237 Child Language Acquisition (4)

EDUC 238 Social, Emotional, and Moral Development and Learning (4)


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