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Single Subject Credential in Humanities

Degree Requirements

Single Subject Credential:
Art, English, or Social Studies

This single subject credential program prepares students to teach art, English, or social studies in grades 6–12.


EDUC 301A/B Curriculum and Instruction for Secondary Teachers (3; 3)

EDUC 302A/B Humanities Core Seminar (2; 3)

EDUC 339 Development and Learning in Adolescents (3)

EDUC 347A/B Introduction to the Profession of Teaching Diverse Learners (3; 3)

EDUC 349 J Perspectives on Disability, Inclusion, and Assessment (2)

EDUC 353 English Language Development and Content Instruction Methods—Single Subject (3)

EDUC 385A/B Student Teaching in the Secondary School (2; 2)

EDUC 389 Teaching Reading and Writing in the Secondary Schools (3)


Last Updated: 3/14/17