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Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing in Spanish

Degree Requirements

The Graduate Certificate will add interdisciplinary breadth to a student’s course of a study. The creative writing MFAs will be able to earn this certificate. It is ideal for students interested in languages and literatures other than English. Creative writing in Spanish can also be a useful tool for many graduate students interested in journalism, television, film, art, music, drama, etc., to expand their job possibilities not only in the USA but in Latin America and Spain.

(20 semester course credits)

ENG 268 Graduate Prose Workshop (4) or
ENG 270 Graduate Poetry Workshop (4)

ENG 280BJ Special Topics: Translation Workshop (4)

SPAN 201 Advanced Spanish Grammar, Composition and Translation (4)

SPAN 253 Poetry Workshop (4)

SPAN 254 Fiction Workshop (4)

Last Updated: 2/16/17