Students in Mills music programs have the opportunity to study, create, and perform in a variety of inspiring settings rich with musical history.

Jeannik Méquet Littlefield Concert Hall

The 450-seat Littlefield Concert Hall is the heart of the historic Spanish Colonial-style Music Building at Mills. After an extensive 18-month renovation and restoration, the hall reopened in spring 2009 with a six-concert festival, and is now the setting for the annual Mills Music Now concert series.

Highlights of the renovation included:

  • New acoustic panels for enhanced sound quality
  • Expanded stage area for larger performances
  • Installation of a dedicated mixing station
  • Soundproofing for performance and recording quality
  • Comfortable new seating and improved layout for a better audience experience
  • Restoration of the vibrant Boynton frescoes and murals that adorn the hall

The facility is equipped with its own complete sound system, which includes six Meyer speakers (four UPA-1Ps and two USW-1Ps), a Yamaha M7CL-32 digital mixer, and four Mackie SRM450 monitors.

The Center for Contemporary Music

With its roots as the San Francisco Tape Music Center, the Center for Contemporary Music (CCM) maintains an international reputation as a center of musical innovation. The facility offers a variety of electronic equipment, instruments, and studios; provides instruction and technical assistance; and archives audio recordings. CCM also performs a wide variety of community services in the arts, including public concerts and lecture series, informational and technical assistance, and artist residencies. Facilities include:
  • 24-Track Recording Studio
  • Hybrid Computer Music Studio (H)
  • Electronic Music Studio (M)
  • Dubbing and Editing Studio (D)
  • Technical and Project Development Lab
  • Studio V
  • Musicianship Lab

Greek Theatre Mills Greek Theatre

Located behind the Littlefield Concert Hall, the Greek Theatre is a unique venue for extending performances outdoors. Students perform groundbreaking electronic and new music in a setting that reflects a classical heritage.

Lisser hall


Lisser Hall

Named for Louis Lisser, long-time head of the Music Department, Lisser Hall is a 250-seat proscenium theatre. Lisser is an intimate performing venue for concerts and interdisciplinary works.

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