Public Policy
Public Policy Courses
Course # Course Title
PPOL 231:Integrative Core II: Application/Integration of Policy Analysis Frameworks
PPOL 235:Environmental Policy Analysis
PPOL 241:Law and Public Policy
PPOL 280:Special Topics
PPOL 292:Business, Policy, and Society
PPOL 200:Methods of Policy Analysis
PPOL 201:Introduction to Statistics
PPOL 202:Introduction to Economics
PPOL 203:Feminist Social Ethics
PPOL 205:Law and Society
PPOL 207:Philosophy of Law
PPOL 209:The Public Policy-Making Process
PPOL 210:Public Policy and Economic Analysis
PPOL 211:Introduction to Public Radio Reporting
PPOL 212:Intermediate Public Radio Reporting
PPOL 214:Social Policy Analysis
PPOL 215:Public Sector Economics: The Economics of Government
PPOL 216:Qualitative Methods in Policy Research
PPOL 217:Ethical Reasoning in Politics and Public Policy
PPOL 218:Women's Leadership in Politics: Theory and Practice
PPOL 220:Organizational Efficacy
PPOL 221:Political Efficacy
PPOL 225:Simulation in the Social and Policy Sciences
PPOL 227:Local and Community Policy Making, Planning, and Management
PPOL 230:Integrative Core I: Application/Integration of Policy Analysis Frameworks
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