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For their capstone project, each Mills graduate public policy student serves as a pro bono policy consultant to a governmental or nonprofit client. Guided by faculty advisors, students gain real-world experience assessing policy alternatives, evaluating program effectiveness, designing a new program or service model, and/or planning strategies for organizational improvement.

Each project culminates in a Master’s Policy Report (MPR), a professional paper that enables each student to leverage their toolkit of policy skills to address the needs of their client.

Past clients have encompassed a range of advocacy groups, local chambers of commerce, city commissions, and public health organizations. If you are interested in having a Mills MPP or joint MPP/MBA student research an issue for your San Francisco Bay Area organization, visit our For Potential Clients page.

Recently completed Master’s Policy Reports include:

* Opportunities for Supporting Marin County’s Low-Income Residents Analysis of Local Earned Income Credit Programs
* Steering Oakland towards Sustainability, Equity and Innovation: Local Policy Approaches to Transportation Network Companies (TNCs)
Author: Suzanne Forsyth Doran, MPP '16
Client: East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy
* Public-Private Sector Engagement for Marine Conservation: Lessons from Australia’s Great Barrier Reef: Transferring Practices for Private Sector Engagement in Large Scale Marine Management to the Coral Triangle
Author: Cora Sorenson, MPP/MBA '16
Automatic Enrollment Retirement Programs: Promising State and Federal Policies 
Author: Sepi Aghdaee, MPP/MBA '16
Client: EARN
Water Ratemaking in Drought Conditions: How varying utility rate structures incentivize conservation and consumer equity
Author: Jessica Allison, MPP '16
How Redevelopment in South Berkeley is Impacting a Long-Term Community Market
Author: Lisel Brunson, MPP '16
The City Council Meeting Process in the City of Berkeley: A Review of the City of Berkeley’s City Council Meetings
Author: Jillien Davey, MPP '16
Client: Council Member Lori Droste
For the Sake of Health & Hiring Strategies for Hiring Men of Color in Healthcare
Author: Rose DeLeon-Foote, MPP '16
Client: Insight Center for Community Economic Development
Providing Better Transportation for the Students and Parents of San Francisco
Author: Daniela Gori, MPP '16
Client: Supervisor Katy Tang of San Francisco
Expanding Alameda County LAFCo's Fee Waiver Policy: A Comparative Policy and Budget Analysis of Four Urban County LAFCo's
Author: Angelica Gums, MPP '16
Comparing Needs, Expanding Support: Rapid Response Grantmaking for Women's Human Rights in the United States
Author: Alexandra Holy, MPP/MBA '16
Understanding Success: Program Evaluation Options for Root & Rebound
Author: Navneet Kaur, MPP '16
Client: Root & Rebound
Strategies for California's Reimplementation of SNAP Time Limits for Able-Bodied Adults without Dependents (ABAWD)
Author: Erin Mullin, MPP '16
Client: California Association of Food Banks
Evaluating California’s Youth Courts
Author: Shalyn Pugh-Davis, MPP '16
Autonomous Vehicles: Effects on Land Use, Climate Change and Social Equity
Creating Community Trust: A Smart Practices and Stakeholder Feedback Guide for Oakland's Department of Race & Equity
Author: Dena L. Shupe, MPP '16
Client: The Walter & Elise Haas Fund
Strategies of Old and New: Organizing SEIU Local 1021
Author: Kimberly Barbosa Soeiro, MPP '16
Client: Caitlin Prendiville, SEIU Local 1021
Evaluation and Reporting Tools for Keeping Kids in Schools and Out of Courts: An Implementation Plan for a Chief Justice program of the Judicial Council of California
Author: Adriana Solís López, MPP '16
Client: Judicial Council of California
Shifting Adult Practice to Foster Student Agency: A Program Evaluation Design
Author: Jenn Vahdati, MPP/MBA '16
Client: Partners in School Innovation
A BID for Urban Regeneration: How Sustainability, Resilience, and Innovation can be leveraged by Business Improvement Districts to Strengthen the Local Economy of Underserved Communities
Author: Scott Watkins, MPP/MBA '16
Client: The Laurel District Association
*Asterisks indicate Outstanding Thesis Award winners and runners-up.
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