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Under faculty supervision, each Mills MPP student produces a Master's Policy Report (MPR), a professional paper that meets both the school's academic standards and the needs of a practitioner who acts as a client for the project. MPR projects completed in previous years include:

  • Loranne Bardarson, MPP '10.  The Black Canyon Water Quantification Settlement; Client:  George Sibley, Secretary of the Upper Gunnison River Water Conservancy District.  Executive Summary.
  • Alexa Benedetti, MPP '10.  Analysis of Telecommunications & Consumer Protections:  A Community Group Guide to Combating the Prepaid Calling Card Industry; Client:  Transnational Institute for Grassroots Research and Advocacy.  Executive Summary.
  • Eva Brown, MPP '10.  The Development Viability of 1801 Fourth Street in a Downturned Economy; Client: City of San Rafael. Executive Summary.
  • Yen Do, MPP '10.  Study of the Impact of Child Care Subsidy Limitations and Possibilities for Change; Client:  Parent Voices, Oakland Chapter.  Executive Summary.
  • Esther Lucero, MPP '10.  From Tradition to Evidence:  Avenues for change in Evidence-based Practice Methodologies; Client:  The Native American Health Center.  Executive Summary.
  • Jasmine Marrow, MPP '10.  Personal Transformation + Systems Change = Community Transformation:  Formalizing an Advocacy Plan for Youth Uprising; Client:  Youth Uprising. Executive Summary.
  • Melissa McDonough, MPP '10.  Designing a Billboard Program for Oakland; Client:  Office of Oakland City Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan.  Executive Summary.
  • Ayela Mujeeb, MPP '10.  Assessing Equity Implications in the Bay Area Express Lane Network; Client:  Metropolitan Transportation Commission. Executive Summary.*
  • Maya Oubre, MPP '10.  California's Subsidized Child Care Centers:  Barriers to Earning State Contracts;  Client:  Alameda County Child Care Planning Council. Executive Summary.
  • Sarah Rosendahl, MPP '10.  Housing Readiness Program, Year One Evaluation;  Client:  Housing Authority of the County of San Mateo.  Executive Summary.
  • Deanna Sanders, MPP '10.  Analysis of the Female
    Offender Master Plan: A Gendered Responsive
    Client: Justice Now. Executive Summary.
  • Kali Steele, MPP '10 ['13]. Options for Hayward's
    Residential Energy
    Conservation Ordinance; Client: City of Hayward, California. Executive Summary.
  • Megan Stephenson, MPP '10.  Digital Inclusion in the City of Hayward.  Client: City of Hayward.  Executive Summary.
  • Rebecca Woodbury, MPP '10.  Post-Disaster Business Recovery Analysis.  Client: City of Santa Rosa.  Executive Summary.

Complete reports are available upon request. The opinions expressed in the reports are those of the authors and not necessarily endorsed by the Mills Public Policy Program or the client organizations. Asterisk (*) denotes Outstanding Thesis Award winners.

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