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Public Radio Reporting, Fall 2011

Rose Arellano
Rose Arellano: Occupy Oakland

There’s a new movement that is sweeping across the nation and spreading globally to various countries. No, it’s not a new dance craze or a new brand of Coca Cola. It is a hunger in our communities for change. Occupy Wall Street started in New York in early September and quickly moved across the country to Oakland, California. The occupy movement is a national movement as well as a local one. What started out as a small group of about one hundred people camping out at Oscar Grant Plaza, also known as Frank Ogawa Plaza, has turned into thousands participating daily in direct democracy and action towards real change in their communities. Rose Arellano has this perspective from within the movement.
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Jamie Aurand
Jamie Aurand
:Home to the Oakland Art Murmur, the 21 Grand Art Gallery, and the Fox and Paramount Theaters, Uptown Oakland has a lot to offer in the realm of entertainment and the arts. The Pan Theater was established at what some may call the start of Oakland’s emerging art scene. It was founded in 2002, and has been the East Bay’s largest Improv theater training center for almost a decade.
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Lani Blumenfeld-Honea
Lani Blumenfeld-Honea
: Colonial Donuts, the famed Oakland institution, has been at 3318 Lakeshore Avenue since the 1970s. Although there used to be many other cafés that stayed open past 9:00 pm, these days Colonial is one of the only 24-hour places in Oakland. Perhaps this is why it’s kind of a hot spot. On any given weekend night, the place is packed. Local teenagers flock to Colonial for its freshly fried donuts and groups of guys who wouldn’t normally hang out together playing competitive speed chess for hours on end. Lani Blumenfeld-Honea takes us inside the strange happenings at Colonial Donuts on a Saturday night in October.
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Stella Marie Carpio
Stella Marie Carpio: Destiny Arts

Where violence and poverty are the repertoire that outsiders see, within the city there is a growing community teaching and inspiring social change. A little known fact about Oakland is that it has more non-profits per capita than any other city. Many people only know the city for its high homicide rate, but, as Stella Marie Carpio reports, there’s a thriving arts scene.
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Mazuri Colley
Mazuri Colley: People's Credit Union

Today there are many reasons to distrust the banking system: high fees, impersonal service, bailouts, required balances and general lack of information make it hard to navigate. Add in limited access to responsible financial institutions and you have a big problem. What are the alternatives in this situation? Mazuri Colley profiles one credit union in West Oakland that has been around for a decade now.
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Maddie Fowler
Maddie Fowler: Charlotte Maxwell Script

The Bay Area is considered a cancer cluster, with some of the highest rates of breast cancer in the world. For anyone, the side effects of cancer treatment are incredibly harsh: chemotherapy can leave a patient in intense pain, or cause nausea, fatigue and loss of appetite. But if you’re low income and have no health insurance, chances are you can’t afford the vital treatment against such side effects. At the Charlotte Maxwell Clinic in downtown Oakland, they believe that the best medicine for women with cancer doesn’t always have to come in a bottle.
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Karen Gordon Karen Gordon: Alameda County Food Bank
The economy continues to drag, unemployment remains high, and more people are going hungry. Yet, 50% of the people who are eligible for Food Stamps in California are not taking advantage of this resource. More than 100 million dollars per year in Federal food stamp assistance is going unused in Alameda County alone. And for the entire state, that means almost 5 billion dollars a year in food aid that Californians are missing out on. Advocates list the reasons: confusion regarding eligibility requirements, a complicated application process, and the fact that hungry people are dealing with their family’s immediate food needs. Local food banks see this because they’re on the front lines of hunger.
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Monk Henshaw Monk Henshaw: Soul of the City
The Ella Baker Center was created to stop police brutality in Oakland. After years of successful protests and working with the Oakland Police Department, the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights started to take up more causes like unemployment, youth incarceration and, most currently, support of the recent Occupy Wall Street movement. Monk Henshaw has this profile of one of Ella Baker’s newest programs, Soul of the City.
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Esther Honig Esther Honig: Niroga Yoga
While there are thousands of yoga studios all over the Bay Area, they usually cater to people who can throw down the 15 to 20 dollar class fee. But one man is trying to bring yoga to very different population: low-income senior citizens, incarcerated youth, homeless shelters and inner city high school students.
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Hannah Riley Hannah Riley: Cohen-Bray Mansion
Oakland has a rich history, but the city grew fast in the 20th century, from a mainly agricultural town to a major urban center with nearly 400,000 residents. The Cohen-Bray mansion is a unique preservation of history holding its family roots in a time capsule. Old buildings are all over Oakland but not many can claim they have been within the same family and in the same condition since the 1800s. This house lives and breathes tradition. Hannah Riley went to find out what makes this place so special.
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Tymeesa Rutledge Tymeesa Rutledge: How Occupy Changed My Mind
Occupy Wall Street started on September 17, 2011 in New York City’s financial district. The people-powered movement formed around anger towards corporate greed from major American banks. The movement has spread to many of other cities across the country including Oakland. Occupy Oakland has become a major movement and prompted Oakland to stage a General Strike. Student reporter Tymeesa Rutledge has this perspective on how the general strike made her a believer in the Occupy Wall Street movement.
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Zara Sedore-Mallin Zara Sedore-Mallin : Homeless Youth
Commentator Zara Sedore-Mallin reflects on the plight of queer youth and how stereotypes affect young people and our society.
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Zara Sedore-Mallin : Occupy Oakland Commentary
Mills student Zara Sedore-Mallin has been attending Occupy Oakland meetings and has these thoughts on the budding movement.
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Meg Smaker Meg Smaker: Wines in Oakland
When you think of california wineries, you probably think of Napa Valley. Its rolling hills and warm climate make it an ideal location to produce wine. But a new kind of California winery is growing in popularity and it doesn’t even need hills or sunshine. It’s the urban winery. Meg smaker takes us to Ceruti Cellars in Oakland.
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Angel Yang Angel Yang: Telling History Through Dance
It is always so much fun to walk around San Francisco’s Chinatown. You will see so many things are going on, including local Chinese residents selling fruits, vegetables and Chinese pastries; tourists taking pictures and wandering into different stores; elders playing traditional Chinese string instruments and singing Chinese operas.
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