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Intermediate Public Radio Reporting, Spring 2010

Lupe Cazares
: The face of American immigration changed in the 1960s, coinciding with a new generation of student activists who would come back to Chinatown and transform the neighborhood yet again and help create a new Pan-Asian identity, along with a network of social services.

Listen to Lupe Cazares's story

Jennifer Courtney
: Many seniors in Chinatown view young people as a potential  danger. But one woman sees it as her mission to shepherd troubled young people in the school yard.

Listen to Jennifer Courtney's story

Lindsey Lee
Lindsey Lee Keel
: The three square block called Madison Square Park was once a thriving neighborhood of apartments and even a church, until the wrecking ball of urban renewal made way for what’s now Lake Merritt BART.

Listen to Lindsey Lee Keel's story

Tashina Manyak
: After World War Two, the car was king, and many city dwellers left urban centers for the modern suburbs. Oakland’s Chinatown suffered from the decline. But, a group of business and community leaders had a vision for a new kind of redevelopment project—what would become the Pacific Renaissance Center decades later.

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Anna Belle
Anna Belle Peterson
: The Ming Quong Home for Girls: The blue Victorian used to stand at the corner of Fallon and 9th, but all that remains now are memories of the girls who grew into women there.

Listen to Anna Belle Peterson's story
Morgan Ross
: In 1942 President Roosevelt issued Executive Order 9066, mandating  the forced internment of people of Japanese ancestry, including Americans. That order also shuttered the Buddhist Church in Oakland’s Chinatown until the end of the war.
Listen to Morgan Ross's story

Melody Sage
: Just ten years after the inauguration of the Pacific Renaissance Plaza, it would again become the focus of a neighborhood battle—this time over low-income senior housing.

Listen to Melody Sage's story

A hit and run tragedy mobilized the neighborhood to make safer streets for its growing community of seniors.

Listen to Melody Sage's story

Priscilla Priscilla Wilson: The Madison Park area is again facing redevelopment. What will happen to the seniors who’ve created a haven of Tai Chi in the public square?

Listen to Priscilla Wilson's story

Sena Woodson
: How Oakland’s first bilngual police officer won over Chinatown businesses and residents and busted Chinatown’s crime rings.

Listen to Sena Woodson's story

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