Put Your Values to Work.

One of the many advantages of attending Mills is living in Oakland, California, home to a range of nonprofit arts organizations, social justice initiatives, immigration rights advocacy groups, and a business culture committed to social responsibility. As a Mills student, this remarkable community will be your off-campus classroom.

Community engaged learning (CEL) plays a critical role in connecting Mills undergraduates with real-world learning opportunities. You’ll have the option to take a course designated as a CEL class or intern with a CEL-approved, community-based organization.

Take a CEL Course.

All CEL courses include service learning components that put classroom theory into practice in our local community. For a class on the criminal justice system, you might work three hours a week with an Oakland organization fighting for prison reform. In an English class, you might partner with Bay Area high school students to write personal essays. Here’s a sample of some recent CEL courses:

Get a CEL Internship.

You can earn CEL academic credit while interning for a semester with a community organization doing important and innovative work. Mills partners with more than 200 nonprofit organizations, arts and cultural institutions, government agencies, and private businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area that are part of transforming our communities.