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Beyond the Classroom

Learning isn’t limited to the classroom at Mills. Take a look at some of the opportunities you can have while minoring in Asian studies.  

Viewing Asian Art

Right on campus, the Mills College Art Museum provides a wealth of resources for the study of Asian art. The museum’s fantastic collection of Chinese and Japanese objects includes a Shang dynasty bronze vessel that is almost 3,000 years old and the largest collection outside of Japan of fukusa, richly embroidered traditional gift covers.

In San Francisco, the Asian Art Museum is one of the largest in the Western world devoted to the arts and cultures of Asia.

Connecting with Asian American Communities
Asian culture is part of the fabric of everyday life in the San Francisco Bay Area, where Asian Americans make up nearly one-quarter of the population. Asian American communities support myriad cultural resources, such as the Chinese Cultural Center of San Francisco, located in the nation’s oldest Chinatown. The center organizes community festivals, contemporary art exhibitions, and educational programs. Not far from Mills, in Oakland’s Chinatown, the Oakland Asian Cultural Center also offers an array of cultural activities, including classes in traditional forms of art and dance.

Studying Abroad
Mills students who would like an immersion experience in Asia can select from study abroad opportunities throughout the region. Many study in South Korea through an exchange program with the prestigious Ewha Womans University in Seoul.