flag in front of government building

Beyond the Classroom

Learning isn’t limited to the classroom at Mills. Take a look at some of the opportunities you can have while majoring in political science.


Political science majors are encouraged to gain practical experience through internships. Students may intern with political campaigns on the local, state, and national levels, enabling them to engage with policy professionals who are effecting change.

Model UN

Each year, political science students attend a national Model United Nations competition in Washington, DC or New York City. Students participate in an authentic simulation of the UN General Assembly, UN Security Council, or other multilateral body and learn about diplomacy, negotiation, and decision-making while honing research techniques, public speaking, and problem-solving capabilities.

Activities & Resources

The Lorry I. Lokey School of Business and Public Policy at Mills College organizes an annual conference and special events throughout the year featuring business leaders, policy makers, and social activists who are working to create sustainable, socially responsible organizations. These events provide opportunities for you to explore issues such as inequality and environmental sustainability and learn about the ways that businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies are working to solve these problems.

What Can I Do with a Political Science Degree from Mills?

Earning a political science degree from Mills means that you will graduate with exceptional research, writing, oral communication, and analytical skills that are valued by businesses, government, public office, and the legal profession. You’ll enter the workforce prepared to thrive and guide organizations as an ethical, responsible leader. Mills alumnae who have majored in related areas of study are working in positions with civil rights nonprofits, public service agencies, consulting firms, advocacy organizations, government agencies, educational institutions, law firms, and technology companies. The major’s rigor and research emphasis also provides excellent preparation for graduate study in political science, internal affairs, public affairs, and law.