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Beyond the Classroom

Learning isn’t limited to the classroom at Mills. Take a look at some of the opportunities you can have while studying psychology.

On-Campus Research

Psychology students assist faculty with original research in several laboratories: the Cognition Lab, Social Psychology Lab, Early Childhood and Family Research Lab, and Psychology and Health Lab. Students participate in the following ways:

  • Coordinate study participants
  • Set up physiological tests
  • Conduct memory tests and stress tests
  • Perform social psychology experiments
  • Collect, score, and analyze data
  • Write conference proposals
  • Present findings at professional conferences

Off-Campus Internships

Many students gain hands-on experience and professional development through internships in schools, clinics, hospitals, and skilled nursing facilities, including:

  • Children’s Hospital Oakland
  • Highland Hospital
  • Bay Area Women Against Rape
  • Peer Health Exchange
  • Kaiser Permanente clinics
  • Veterans Affairs

Teaching Assistant Program
Psychology majors may serve as teaching assistants, helping other students understand course material, assisting them with homework, and leading review sessions. This program empowers students to learn from each other, and helps prepare them to work as teaching assistants at the graduate level.
What Can I Do with a Psychology Degree from Mills?

Psychology prepares you for a range of careers, from business and law to clinical psychology and counseling. In recent years, graduates have used their Mills education to succeed in such positions as:

Director, Project Management
Adamas Pharmaceuticals

Researcher, Foster Care Programs
Danish Ministry of Social Affairs

East Bay Agency for Children

Help Me Grow Program Coordinator
First 5 Contra Costa

Assistant Professor of Psychology
Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Family Services Program Manager
Open Doors for Multicultural Families

Assistant District Attorney
Santa Cruz County District Attorney’s Office

Annual Giving Director
Yosemite Conservancy

Health Education Specialist
Contra Costa County Health Services

Executive Vice President, Head of Strategy
Discovery USA

Director of Children’s Services
Epiphany Center

Senior Global Marketing Campaign Manager
HP Software

Senior Research Psychologist
NASA Ames Research Center, San Jose State University Research Foundation

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports Coach
San Francisco Unified School District

Infant Development Specialist
Through the Looking Glass