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Beyond the Classroom

Learning isn’t limited to the classroom at Mills. Take a look at some of the opportunities you can have while minoring in queer studies.

Events & Activities
  • On-Campus Lectures—Visiting writers and activists speak on topics like gender violence and justice, human rights and democracy, and reproductive justice and intersectionality.
  • Off-Campus Events—The San Francisco Bay Area’s numerous educational, cultural, and community-based institutions offer a wealth of performances, art exhibitions, and lectures that address LGBTQ experiences.
  • The Mills College Art Museum—Our own museum holds more than 10,000 works of art; many of its exhibitions explore key topics in women’s, gender, and sexuality studies.
  • Essay-Writing Competition—Each year, Mills awards a prize to an undergraduate student for the best queer studies essay or nonfiction paper.

Student Organizations

Participate in meetings, events, and volunteering opportunities organized by student clubs with a focus on queer issues and identity, including:

  • Community Health Resource Center—Provides confidential access to information and resources concerning health and safety for all genders, including LGBTQ health, rights, and justice
  • Gender Splendor—Connects gender activists and creates space for diverse gender identities on campus
  • Mouthing Off—Facilitates a safe space where students who are LGBTQ-identified, straight allies, and others can come together for dialogue and action around the LGBTQ community

With a long history of social activism, the San Francisco Bay Area is home to numerous organizations dedicated to queer issues. Whether you’re interested in queer history, civil rights, or gender nonconforming families, you’ll have opportunities for community-based learning about your social passion.