We’ll Help You Prepare for College.

At Mills, you’ll be encouraged to set challenging academic goals. You’ll also get the support you need to achieve these goals. We offer two special multi-week residential summer programs to equip selected undergraduate students with the study skills and academic foundations needed for college success.

Both programs enable first-year students to live on campus for two to four weeks before the start of the fall semester while they take intensive, multidisciplinary preparatory courses. Students participate in leadership development and team-building activities with others who are taking the same big step. Mills students who have participated in these summer programs consistently say they were some of their most meaningful and memorable experiences of their college journey.

Hellman Summer Science & Math Fellows Program

This two-and-a-half-week summer program is for students with a passion for science and math who will benefit from a hands-on introduction to college-level lab work in biology and chemistry in our state-of-the-art Moore Natural Sciences Building. Learn more about the Hellman Program.

Summer Academic Workshop

Our Summer Academic Workshop (SAW) is a four-week program that prepares low-income, first-generation college students for the transition to college life. Through classes, team-building activities, social activities, and off-campus outings, you’ll start your first semester with greater self-confidence and a sense of belonging. Learn more about SAW.