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African and African Diaspora Studies

African and African Diaspora Studies (AADS) at Mills explores the culture, history, and politics of Africa and the African diaspora in the United States and other regions. An interdisciplinary approach exposes students to the complexity and diversity of the African diaspora and the African continent by drawing on courses from a wide range of disciplines including ethnic studies, political science, sociology, literature, francophone studies, music, history, and dance. Students are introduced to a variety of theoretical and methodological tools of inquiry and research, allowing them to better understand transnational connections and patterns historically and in the contemporary period.

Students can choose an African and African Diaspora Studies concentration within the Ethnic Studies major or minor. A concentration in AADS is ideal for students interested in policy issues affecting African and African diaspora communities, as well as students interested in the literature, arts, politics, or history of Africa and the African diaspora. It complements research on broader topics like social movements, international development, colonialism, race, and inequality. The AADS concentration offers students an opportunity to add focus to their studies at Mills and enrich their major with in-depth knowledge of Africa and the African diaspora.

Students complete at least four courses related to Africa and the African diaspora for the concentration within the Ethnic Studies major. Two additional upper division electives may also be focused on AADS. For the minor, students take one core course offering an introduction to theoretical approaches to Africa and the African Diaspora and a strong historical overview of Africa and/or the African diaspora. They then choose five additional courses, in consultation with their advisor. Students in the concentration are expected to complete at least two courses related to the African continent or the African diaspora outside the United States. Finally, students may count up to three semester course credits of music performance or dance technique toward their major or minor.


DNC 015/115 Jazz (1)

DNC 016/116 African Haitian and Dunham Technique (1)

ENG 043 Survey of African American Literature I (3)

ENG 117 20th-Century African American Literature (4)

ENG 147 Survey of 19th-Century African American Literature (4)

ENG 157 African Literature (4)

ETHS 039 Raices (Roots): Latin America and the Caribbean (3)

ETHS 052 African American Women’s History (3)

ETHS 114 African Diasporic Representations in Film (4)

ETHS 150 Black Feminist Theory (3)

ETHS 157 Race, Gender, and the Criminal Justice System (3-4)

FREN 102 Introduction to Francophone Literature (4)

FREN 168 Francophone Women's Writing from Martinique, Guadeloupe and Haiti (4)

GOVT 141 Politics of Developing Nations (3)

GOVT 142 African Politics (4)

HIST 118 The Civil Rights Movement in the United States, 1941 to the Present (3-4)

HIST 151 African American History Since Emancipation (3-4)

LET 115 Reading African and Caribbean Literatures (3‑4)

LET 142 French and Francophone Women Writers (3‑4)

LET 149 Postcolonial Conditions: Contemporary Women's Writing from Africa (3-4)

LET 155/255 Reading War in Postcolonial Literature from Africa (3)

LET 166/266 National Literatures of Latin America (Cuba) (3)

MUS 029/129 African Drumming (1)

MUS 030/130 Vocal Jazz Improvisation Ensemble (1)

SOC 129 Race and Ethnic Relations (3)

SOC 146 Sociology of Hiphop (3-4)

SOC 156 Sociology of Oakland (3)

WGSS 106 Postcolonial Feminist Theory and Literature (3)

WGSS 175 Transnational Sexualities (3)

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