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Alphabetical Bird List

* Nesting Species
I Introduced Species
L State listed species of concern
R Resident all year
S Spring and Summer
T Transient, seen only in migration
W Winter

Seasons in parentheses indicate times at which the bird is more likely to be seen on campus


____ Allen’s Hummingbird * R Widespread

____ American Coot R Lakes, ponds

____ American Goldfinch * R Central campus

____ American Kestrel R Grasslnd, open wdlnd, residntl

____ American Robin * R Widespread

____ American White Pelican W Overhead

____ Anna’s Hummingbird * R Widespread

____ Band-tailed Pigeon R (W) Woodland

____ Barn Owl R Resdnt’l, campus

____ Belted Kingfisher R (W) Streams, ponds

____ Bewick’s Wren * R Coastal scrub, wdlnd

____ Black-headed Grosbeak S Riparian wdlnd, wdlnd

____ Black Pheobe * R Breeds near water, varied in winter

____ Brewer’s Blackbird * R Fields, resdntls

____ Brown Creeper * R Lg. trees, central campus

____ Brown-headed Cowbird * S Riparian, wdlnd residntl

____ Brown Towhee * R Widespread

____ Bufflehead W Lake Aliso

____ California Gull W Overhead

____ California Quail * R Brush, wdlnd brush

____ California Thrasher R Coastal Scrub

____ Cedar Waxwing R (W) Widespread

____ Chestnut-backed Chickadee * R Forest, wdlnd, residntl

____ Cliff Swallow S Nests undr bridges off campus

____ Common Goldeneye W Lake Aliso

____ Common Bushtit * R Wdlnd, coastl scrb, residntl

____ Common Flicher * R Forest, wdlnd, residntl

____ Common Raven * R Overhead

____ Cooper’s Hawk R (W,T) L Wdlnd, brush, resdntl

____ Dark-eyed Junco * R, L Widespread

____ Double-crested Cormorant R Overhead

____ Downy Woodpecker * R Wdlnd, esp riparian, resdntl

____ European Starling * R, I Widespread

____ Fox Sparrow W, T Coastal scrub

____ Golden-crowned Kinglet W Conifer forest, dense wdlnd

____ Goldne-crowned Sparrow * R Coastal scrub

____ Great Blue Heron R (W) Lakes, ponds

____ Great Egret R (W) Lakes, ponds

____ Great Horned Owl * R Widespread

____ Hermit Thrush W Residntl, wdlnd, brush

____ House Finch * R Residntl, wdlnd

____ House Sparrow * R, I Widespread

____ Hutton’s Vireo * R Wdlnd, forests

____ Killdeer R Bare ground or short herbs

____ Lazuli Bunting S Scrub, wdlnd edge

____ Lesser Goldfinch * R Mixed shrub-herb-tree types

____ Loggerhead Shrike R, L Open grassland

____ Mallard * R Lake Aliso

____ Mourning Dove * R Widespread

____ Northern Mockingbird R Residential

____ Northern Oriole S Riparian woodland

____ Nuttall’s Woodpecker * R Open or dry woodland

____ Ollive-sided Flycatcher * S Central campus

____ Orange-crowned Warbler * S Mixed woodland, shrubs

____ Pied-billed Grebe R Lake Aliso

____ Pine Siskin * R Central campus

____ Plain Titmouse * R Woodland, residential

____ Purple Finch * R Wdlnds, residential

____ Pygmy Owl R Faculty village

____ Red-breasted Nuthatch * R Conifer forests

____ Red-breasted Sapsucker W Woodland, residntl, forest

____ Red-shouldered Hawk * R Overhead, forest, wdlnd

____ Red-tailed Hawk R Usually overhead

____ Red-winged Blackbird * S Lake Aliso

____ Ring-billed Gull W Overhead

_____ Rock Dove * R, I

____ Ruby-crowned Kinglet W Widespread

____ Rufous Hummingbird T Varied

____ Rufous-sided Towhee * R, L Brush, woodland

____ Scrub Jay * R, L Woodland, coastal scrub

____ Sharp-shinned Hawk R (W, T) L Woodland, brush, residntl

____ Solitary Vireo S (T) Riparian wdlnd, wdlnd

____ Song Sparrow * R, L Widespread

____ Stellar’s Jay * R Widespread

____ Swainson’s Thrush S (T) Riparian Woodland

____ Townsend’s Warbler W, T Forests

____ Turkey Vulture R (S) Overhead

____ Warbling Vireo * S Riparian woodland, woodland

____ Water Pipit W Fields, marshes, bare ground

____ Western Bluebird R Open wdlnd, grassland

____ Western Flycatcher * S Riparian woodland

____ Western Screech Owl R Riparian woodland

____ Western Tanager T Forest, woodland

____ Western Wood Pewee S Riparian woodland

____ White-crowned Sparrow W Brush, residntl, woodland

____ White-throated Swift R (S) Overhead

____ Wilson’s Warbler S Riparian wdlnd, brush

____ Winter Wren W Riparian brush

____ Wood Duck R (W) Lake Aliso

____ Wrentit * R Coastal scrub

____ Yellow-rumped Warbler W, T Widespread

____ Yellow Warbler * S, L Riparian woodland

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