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Degree Requirements

NOTE: The degree requirements listed below are applicable to all students entering during academic year 2016-2017. Students who entered during a previous academic year should view the degree requirements in their entering year catalog in the catalog archives. Students who wish to switch to the 2016-17 major and minor requirements should submit a new Declaration of Major or Declaration of Minor form to the M Center.

Music Major with a Specialization in Theory/History
(a minimum of 48 semester course credits)

The student, in consultation with her advisor, completes the core requirements (30 semester course credits) in addition to these requirements (18 semester course credits) for the music major with a specialization in theory/history:

MUS 117 History of European Music to 1750 (3)
(Must be selected within the core curriculum)

MUS 137 Seminar in Music Literature and Criticism (4)

MUS 160 Practicum, taken in the senior year (2)
A senior thesis should be completed in conjunction with the practicum.

And select one course from the following:

MUS 148 Post-Tonal Theory and Analysis (4) or
MUS 156 Tonal Analysis (4)

Plus electives (5 semester course credits) and a senior project.

As an elective, students in all degree specializations can apply to study individually with any member of the core music faculty in MUS 160 Practicum.

Core Requirements

Undergraduate core (30 credits):

MUS 001 Exploring Music: Performance, Creation, and Cultural Practice (3)

MUS 003 Musicianship (Levels II, III, and IV) (6)

MUS 005 Diatonic Harmony and Counterpoint I (4)

MUS 006 Diatonic Harmony and Counterpoint II (4)

MUS 056 Musical Form: Listening and Analysis (4)

MUS 101 20th-Century Styles and Techniques I: 1900–1945 (3) or
MUS 102 20th-Century Styles and Techniques II: 1945 to the Present (3)

MUS 118 Classic and Romantic Music (3)

And select one course from the following:

MUS 020 (120) American Music (3)

MUS 117 History of European Music to 1750 (3)

MUS 141 The Music of India (3)

MUS 163 The World of Opera (3)

Individual instruction in performance (4), including at least one semester in ensembles, at least one of which must be in improvisation unless student has taken MUS 111 Improvisation Workshop:

MUS 025 (125) Mills College Choir (1)

MUS 026 (126) Music Improvisation Ensemble I (1)

MUS 027 (127) Contemporary Performance Ensemble (1)

MUS 028 (128) Gamelan Ensemble (1)

MUS 029 (129) Haitian Drumming (1)

MUS 030 (130) Vocal Jazz Improvisation Ensemble (1)

MUS 031 (131) Performance Collective (Chamber Music) (1)

MUS 032 (132) Early Music Vocal Ensemble—Beginning (1)

MUS 033 (133) Early Music Vocal Ensemble—Intermediate (1)

MUS 034 (134) Early Music Instrumental Ensemble—Renaissance (1)

MUS 035 (135) Early Music Instrumental Ensemble—Baroque (1)

MUS 043 (143) Mills Percussion Group (1)

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