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GE: English and Written Communication  

Fall 2017

Please note that students must complete ENG 001 within their first year of enrollment at Mills.

English and Written Communication I

ENG 001 ENG 001: Rhetoric and Composition for the College Writer

English and Written Communication II

BIO 100 Microbiology
BIO 144 Animal Behavior
CHEM 109 Analytical Chemistry
ENG 001 ENG 001: Rhetoric and Composition for the College Writer
ENG 072 Journalism I: Reporting, Writing & Editing
ENG 109 The Craft of the Young Adult Novel
ENG 116 Intro to Podcasting
ENG 165 American Literature from 1865 to 1920: Realism
ENG 172 Journalism I: Reporting, Writing & Editing
ETHS 041 Inventing the "Other," Policing Differences
ETHS 144 Representation and  Politics in Asian Diasporic and Pacific Islander Literature
ETHS 189 Research Methods with Communities of Color, with Fieldwork
FREN 003 Intermediate French III
GOVT 016 Comparative Politics
HIST 011 The West and Its Cultural Traditions I
HIST 031 American History I
HIST 190 Senior Thesis Seminar
PHIL 010 Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 015 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 043 Existentialism
PHIL 143 Existentialism
PHIL 144 Language, Meaning, and Understanding
PPOL 015 Introduction to Policy: Identifying and Solving Public Problems  
SOC 191 Senior Seminar
SOSC 093 Law and Society
WGSS 101 Feminist and Queer Research Methodologies


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