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GE: Multicultural Courses 

Fall 2017 

ARTH 081 Introduction to Asian Art: India, Nepal, and Tibet
DNC 165 Modern to Contemporary Performance: History, Theory, and Practice
EDUC 120 Urban Education
ETHS 041 Inventing the "Other," Policing Differences
ETHS 051 Introduction to Ethnic Studies
ETHS 064 Mixed Race Descent in the Americas
ETHS 144 Representation and  Politics in Asian Diasporic and Pacific Islander Literature
ETHS 150 Black Feminist Theory
ETHS 156 Contemporary Queer Writers of Color
ETHS 173 Celluloid Native: American Indians in Film
ETHS 189 Research Methods with Communities of Color, with Fieldwork
FREN 003 Intermediate French III
HIST 118 The Civil Rights Movement in the United States, 1941 to the Present
LET 111 Women, Gender and Cultural Production in the Global South
LET 131 Cultures and Identities in the Americas and the Caribbean
LET 149 Post-Colonial Conditions: Contemporary Women's Writings from Africa
SOC 129 Race and Ethnic Relations in the U.S.
SOC 145 Sociology of Education
SPAN 140 Introduction to Hispanic Literatures
WGSS 111 Women, Gender and Cultural Production in the Global South
WGSS 135 Race, Sexuality, and the State


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