What Do You Want to Do?

Ask yourself what inspires you as you think about your future. Use the questions below to get started. Then join us in an online info session or a one-on-one appointment with a Mills College admissions counselor so we can talk about your hopes and dreams. We'll even connect you with current students who can share their Mills experience!

Two Mills College students at a rally proudly hold up a sign that says "My Voice"
Stand Out or Fit In?
Mills professor and student working together with a red-and-white graphic reading #1 Best Value School in the West, US News & World Report 2021

High Quality or Great Value?

A student in a Mills College art studio painting a self portrait.
Fieldwork or Artwork?
Three Mills STEM students working togther in a lab
Coding or Climate Change?
A Mills student holding up a heart necklace with an LGBTQ+ rainbow design.
Advocate or Ally?
A Mills student in a small class gesturing as they speak.
Transfer Now or Transfer Later?
A diverse group of nine Mills students pause for a photo during a hike through redwood trees.
Nature Walk or Netflix Party?
A group of Mills students hold a sign that says "our bodies, our minds, our power" as they march in a protest.
Raise Funds or Raise Awareness?
The Mills crew team practicing rowing on a lake.
High Reps or High GPA?
A Mills student leader holds a microphone while delivering a speech.
Leadership or Collaboration?
A Mills student leader leads a chant at a women's rights march.
CEO or Community Organizer?
People walking up steps at Oakland's Civic Center plaza.
Civic Center or Silicon Valley?