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Special Programs

At Mills you can enjoy the benefits of a liberal arts education while preparing for specific professional career paths in nursing, engineering, law, and medicine/health sciences.


Interested in a career in nursing? You can get your start at Mills College by enrolling in our innovative nursing program. You’ll receive a solid foundation in pre-nursing studies while learning how to become a leader in the field. Once you have successfully completed your two-year program at Mills, you’ll be guaranteed admission into a prestigious nursing school to pursue your professional training. Learn more.

Law School Preparation

The Association of American Law Schools recommends that students planning to enter law school develop basic skills and insights considered essential for legal competence. These faculties include perception and skill in the use of the English language, a critical understanding of the human institutions and values with which the law deals, and the development of creative powers of thinking, reasoning, and analysis. The Pre-Law Program is thus flexible in terms of courses and majors and should be planned with the faculty advisor in light of the student’s background and professional goals. Learn more.

Medicine/Health Sciences

The Pre-Medical Program at Mills combines a strong foundation in natural science with a liberal arts education. A student planning to enter the health science professions can major in any of a variety of disciplines in the natural sciences including biology, biochemistry and molecular biology, chemistry, or biopsychology. Learn more.