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Student Activities

Our campus has something for everyone. Join one of our 50+ clubs, take a fencing class, run for student body president, write for the student newspaper, attend a spoken word performance, or just hang out at the pool. It’s all good fun.

Join a club.
Or start your own.

Our student clubs represent the passions of our students. Some are social or political. Some celebrate shared identities or an academic interest. Others center around hobbies or entertainment. If you don’t find a club that speaks to you, you can blaze a trail and start your own.

If you want to get involved off campus, you can volunteer at elementary schools with the Athletics Department, become a peer health counselor in the local community, or paint a mural in the Laurel District to enhance the neighborhood. It’s entirely up to you.

A sampling of campus clubs

Anime Club
Black Women’s Collective
Book Art Club
Economics Club
Families at Mills
Feminist Cinema Club
Gender Splendor
Jewish Student Collective
Mills Animal Welfare Society
Mills Baking Club
Mills College Choir
Model United Nations
Mujeres Unidas
Namaste Yoga Club
Ohana Club
Poetry for Scientists
Pre-Veterinary Club
Psychology Club