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Student Ambassadors

Meet our student ambassadors—current students who will lead your campus tour, host you for an overnight visit, and provide you with their perspective on what it’s like to attend Mills. You can even pick which student you would like to take you around campus.

Student ambassador Alexina can offer insight on sociology and journalism classes at Mills College, Oakland.

Name: Alexina

Hometown: Santa Ana, California

Major: Sociology

Minor: Journalism

“I am a sophomore and a first-generation student making the most of life in the Bay Area and at Mills College. On my tour I will show you useful resources on campus and share tactics I use to help manage my time. If you have an interest in sociology or journalism, I will give some insight on the professors and classes available at Mills. I am also happy to answer any questions about academics, the social scene, and anything else that will help you on your college journey. Leaving home was one of the most difficult things I have ever done, but joining the Mills community was the best decision I made.”

Meet Dasia, a first-generation student of color and student ambassador at Mills College in Oakland.

Name: Dasia

Hometown: Sacramento, California

Major: History

Minor: African and African diaspora studies

“I am a first-generation sophomore and student of color. I chose Mills because of its small size, and I was drawn to its location in the Bay Area. Mills has given me a great place in which to grow and mature. At Mills I have found a very supportive environment through the faculty and staff who work here. I participated in the Mills Summer Academic Workshop, which is a program for first-generation, college-bound students. This program helped me transition from high school to college. Join my tour and I will show you the Solidarity Lounge, Rothwell Center, and the Diversity and Social Justice Resource Center—all places that help students grow academically, socially, and personally.”

Small-town native Erica can describe adjusting to urban life in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Name: Erica

Hometown: Brentwood, California

Major: Anthropology

“If you’re from a small town and wonder how you’ll handle attending a college in a big city, I’m the guide for you. I’ve been a farm girl in three countries, and adapting to city life has been a wonderful experience thanks to my friends here at Mills. If you’re interested in the social sciences, take my tour and hear stories about the department, professors, and fellow students. I’ll happily answer questions about social life and academics, or anything really. I want you to make the best decision for you when it comes to choosing a college. Fun facts about me: I love comics and love talking about them, I’m a huge Doctor Who fan, and I will sing musical theater songs on demand.”

Tour the campus with music major Eva, who can tell you about her transfer student experience.

Name: Eva

Hometown: Redlands, California

Major: Music

“I transferred to Mills in my sophomore year and have loved every minute of it. I call myself a women’s college convert, because 17-year-old Eva had a completely different view on women’s colleges than 21-year-old Eva. I am the go-to tour guide if you want the artsy or musical perspective of Mills. Fun facts: I hail from sunny Southern California, I am a vocal music performance major, I aspire to become a board-certified music therapist, and I have seen every Meryl Streep movie ever made. Take my tour if you are curious about the Music Department, the experiences of transferring, or want to know why a women’s college was right for me!”

Student ambassador Iona will show you the historical wonders of the beautiful Mills College campus.

Name: Iona

Hometown: Granada Hills, California

Major: Music and culture

Minors: Art history and anthropology

“I am a transfer student and have found a home in the campus community here at Mills! I come from a more conservative background, and value the diversity and openness of the Mills community. I also love the incredible history and heritage of the College. As an aspiring music conductor and museum education professional, I am combining musicology and art history to focus on how the arts have been historically interwoven with culture in society. I am passionate about teaching in environments outside the classroom. On my tour we will focus on the historical wonders of Mills, and how to combine interests into one comprehensive package.”

Mills College undergraduate Kahler can explain how to earn your MA in just one extra year.

Name: Kahler

Hometown: Claremont, California

Major: Economics

Minor: Government

“If you’re a little bit nervous about the idea of a women’s college, take my tour. I never planned on attending a women’s college but have fallen in love with Mills and would love to show you how a women’s college will benefit you! As a student who enjoys vibrant events on campus as well as other social opportunities in the Bay Area, I am happy to answer questions about the social life of a Mills undergraduate. I am also the tour guide to talk to about the Mills accelerated degree programs, which will allow me to graduate early with my BA at age 21 and my MBA at age 22.”

First-generation student Laura can tell you about art and social justice at Mills College.

Name: Laura

Hometown: San Diego, California

Major: Intermedia arts

Minor: Ethnic studies

“I am a first-generation Chicana from San Diego majoring in intermedia arts and minoring in ethnic studies. Being away from home has helped me develop a self-identity as I reconnect with my Mexican roots. On my tour I will talk about being an art student at Mills, my passion for social justice, and the sense of purpose behind my artwork. As a woman of color, I believe art is an important educational tool to tell our stories visually, for the development of ‘artivism.’”

A double major, Margarita offers advice about academic and social life balance at Mills College.

Name: Margarita

Hometown: Falling Waters, West Virginia

Majors: International relations and economics

“I am a first-generation Latina sophomore taking full advantage of all the resources Mills College has to offer! Even though my schedule is crazy—trying to complete my two majors, working, and living off campus—I make time for the clubs I am a part of as well as to explore all that the Bay Area has to offer! If you want to know anything about cross-registering, living on and off campus, having two majors, social life, and Latina/o events join me!”

Science major Marissa is a first-generation college student at Mills College in Oakland, California.

Name: Marissa

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Major: Chemistry or biochemistry

“I am a first-generation college student who has experienced growing up in inner-city public schools and then transitioning to private, single-sex education, both in high school and college. I learned from a young age to earn the things I wanted by being in the workforce and working hard academically. My love for both the humanities and science has made choosing a major very difficult; feel free to ask me for advice. I am a well-rounded student here at Mills and have lots to say about the STEM field, social justice, student government, independence as a young adult, and working on and off campus!”

Sarah takes advantage of the wide array of student activities and leadership opportunities on campus.

Name: Sarah

Hometown: Walnut Creek, California

Major: Political, legal, and economic analysis

“Come with me and I will fill you in on how to take full advantage of all of the opportunities Mills has to offer! I have a true passion for my school, and I have had many amazing experiences here. I’ve taken on leadership roles and participate in as many events as I can in order to take charge of my college experience and get as much out of Mills as possible. I love to explore and be adventurous, and let me tell you, there are so many great aspects to living in this part of the Bay Area! Mills College is a place that I know I thrive in, and my tour will really highlight the special and unique experiences that come along with it.”

Tess can describe how Mills College empowers students to take on leadership roles.

Name: Tess

Hometown: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Major: Political, legal, and economic analysis

Minor: Women’s studies

“Take my tour to learn about the ways Mills will push you to become an empowered, independent, and outspoken person. I am passionate about social justice and law and will provide insight on life-changing professors and courses that grapple with the prison industrial complex, restorative justice, racial segregation, gentrification, urban education, capitalism, the welfare state, immigration policy, and intersectional social justice movements of the Bay Area! You will learn about Mills history, traditions, and exceptional alumnae that make me proud to be part of this supportive community. On my tour I will point out the various hidden spots to study and have fun on campus. In my free time I love to play violin, make book art, hike, bike ride, explore Oakland, attend concerts at the Fox Theater, and, most of all, read feminist and queer theory on Holmgren Meadow.”