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Rules and Policies 

Thank you for your patronage to the Mills College Pool.  The Trefethen Aquatics Center at Mills College is owned, operated and maintained physically and monetarily by Mills College.  It is a privilege to swim at the pool, and we are pleased to offer such an important service to the Mills College community and surrounding community.

Pool users are responsible for knowing the rules and policies of this facility and for following the instructions of the Mills College pool staff.

The rules are posted, reviewed, revised, and enforced for your safety and enjoyment, as well as every person who uses the pool.  Every guest at the Mills College Pool is asked to sign the Pool Liability Waiver at the front gate upon entry to the facility.  Your signature is your agreement that you will follow all Pool Rules, Code of Conduct, and Lap Swim Etiquette, and adhere to the rules immediately and completely as enforced by the Mills College pool staff including lifeguards and other employees at the pool.

The Mills College staff has authority to enforce the rules and to ensure the safety of all pool users.

Please note that if you do not abide by any Pool Rule or the Code of Conduct, you will be asked to cease the behavior, and may be asked to leave the facility for the day, an extended period of time, or indefinitely.  

Mills College reserves the right to refuse service to any person or modify our schedule at any time. Our programming and scheduling align with the Mills College academic calendar.  Every attempt will be made to inform pool users in advance when there will be changes, staffing issues, pool maintenance problems, weather and other safety issues which may necessitate closing the pool. However, the pool may also be closed without notice. Mills does not offer memberships to the pool.

No one is allowed to use the Aquatic Center without lifeguard supervision.

Please note, effective October 19, 2015, we will no longer require a picture ID to use the pool.


  • Mills students may have immediate family or one individual as guests. Guests must be accompanied by the student, and the host must remain in the pool area as long as the guests are present.
  • Mills faculty and staff must accompany their children under 14 years of age.
  • Children of alumnae must be accompanied and supervised by their alumna parent at all times.
  • All children under six years of age must be directly supervised by an adult in the water within arm’s length of the child at all times.
  • Children under three are not charged a fee to swim.
  • All children 12 and under must be directly supervised by an adult guardian 18 years of age or over.
  • All children under 18 years of age may not be in the pool facility without an adult guardian present. 

Due to the potential for injury, diving is allowed only in the deep end and only under the strict supervision of a lifeguard or instructor during classes and swim meets. Jumping in the shallow water or playing on the steps in a manner which creates a hazard for the swimmer or others will not be allowed.

Infants and toddlers who are still in diapers must wear a “swim diaper."

Everyone, including infants and toddlers, must wear safe swimming attire in the pool and on the deck at all times. There is no nudity allowed on the pool deck or other public spaces other than the locker rooms.

All flotation devices worn by children must be of solid material, not inflated, and shall be Coast Guard approved, and must fit properly and be properly worn. Children wearing flotation devices must be accompanied by an adult who is in the water within arm’s length of the child at all times.

Mills College Pool has a limited number of fins, kickboards, buoys, and jogging belts available during lap swim only.  Children under 14 are not allowed to use this equipment unless in a supervised program.  All equipment available to the public can be found in a standing container on the deck between the locker rooms.  Please do not enter or remove items from any other shed or storage area in or around the pool facility.  

With the exception of water in clear plastic bottles all food or beverages whether brought in or purchased must be consumed in the designated Eating Area or outside of the enclosed pool area. No glass containers are allowed.

Individuals entering the pool area during Recreational Swim times for the sole purpose of watching or waiting will be charged the regular entry fee.

The therapy spa is for adults (18 years of age or older) and Mills students only. Children are not allowed within the designated spa area.

Mills College is not responsible for personal items brought to the pool including items stored in lockers. Lockers in the locker rooms may be rented for $35 per semester (free for Mills students). Personal locks left on lockers will be removed.   A daily use fee for lockers is $1.

NO SMOKING anywhere within 30 feet of any building or within the boundaries of the pool area.  


CAMERA-CAPABLE DEVICES including phones are forbidden anywhere in the pool facility.

NO HYPERVENTILATION followed by prolonged underwater breath-holding or swimming.


Our toy and play policy is based on a safety first philosophy.

These rules apply whether there are 2 or 200 people in the pool.

We encourage toys that assist children to learn while they play: toys that can be dropped and retrieved, that help children submerge and open their eyes.

We say YES to:
• Small toys that float
• Retrievable toys that sink (like rings that are dropped not thrown)

We do not allow toys that give a false sense of safety, that can intrude on other people’s enjoyment or safety, or require training for proper, safe use.


When playing in the water the following rules are enforced:

  • No riding on shoulders
  • No throwing toys or people
  • No grabbing around the neck
  • No dunking, spashing, tag or other play that intereferes with other people's safety or enjoyment
  • No hyperventilation followed by prolonged underwater swimming


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