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Things to Do Between Classes

  1. Hang out in the Suzie's Commuter Lounge.
  2. Swim a few laps at the Trefethen Aquatic Center.
  3. Walk the Healing Plant Tour.
  4. Stop by the Writing Center for assistance with a paper.
  5. Visit the Mills College Art Museum and see what's on exhibit.
  6. Make it to a professor's office hours.
  7. Grab a snack at the Tea Shop.
  8. Play a game of pool at Suzie's.
  9. Get in a good workout at Haas.
  10. Visit a computer lab and check your email.
  11. Check out the wireless network while sitting on Toyon Meadow.
  12. Take the Mills shuttle to Rockridge/Laurel District.
  13. Find a peaceful moment in the chapel.
  14. Read the Campanil on the plaza.
  15. Dip your fingers or toes in one of the many fountains on campus.
  16. Spin the pomodoro sculpture on Toyon Meadow.
  17. Watch the children playing at the Children's School.
  18. Rewrite your notes from a difficult class.
  19. Stop by Haas and get more information on their upcoming Rec trips.
  20. Make an appointment to meet with a career counselor in Cowell.
  21. Absorb the ambiance of the Mills Hall Living Room.
  22. See where Cyrus and Susan Mills are buried—visit our campus cemetery.
  23. Listen to the bells of the Campanil and read about its great history.
  24. Play Pooh sticks on the bridge over the creek.
  25. Smell the beautiful flowers in the botanic garden near Ross House.
  26. Walk or run the fitness trail around campus with a friend.
  27. Look for crabs, turtles, frogs, or ducks in the pond near the Music Building.
  28. Meet an international student for lunch.
  29. Use the Career Center Resource Room to check out possible internships.
  30. Join a student organization.
  31. Meet with a counselor at Counseling & Psychological Services in Cowell.
  32. Update your voter registration information to vote in the next election.
  33. Locate the College Hearth at Pinetop, the highest point on campus.
  34. Visit the Greek Theatre and hear your voice echo against the walls.
  35. Stop by the F.W. Olin Library to study with a friend, listen to a CD, or watch a video.



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