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Diversity and Social Justice Resource Center

The Diversity and Social Justice Resource Center (DSJRC) serves as a campus-wide hub for resources, networking, coaching, consulting, and capacity building on a wide range of social justice issues.

The purpose of the DSJRC is to increase engagement and inclusion across multiple identities; enhance social equity and institutional access; and co-create and support initiatives that promote diversity, social justice, empowerment, and community.

Three primary aims of the DSJRC are:

1) Providing programs and services that support students, staff, and faculty in building authentic relationships across and within differences;
2) Enhancing resources and overall ally development through education;
3) Promoting social justice, equity, and inclusion throughout campus climate, practice, and policy.

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Social Justice Peer Educators choose a theme every year. This year we will explore the identities and intersections of RACE AND CLASS. We take an intersectional approach to all of our dialogues and understand that we are more than singular identities or experiences.

Events this semester:

Ferguson Dialogue
Gender Expression in the Workplace
Screening of Proud to be Cape Verdean with filmmaker Mike Costa
Art and Activism with Agaña

Wellspring on Monday from 5:30–6:30 pm in the chapel

Transfer students: come join the community circle, Transfer Voices. This circle is facilitated by Dr. Vivian Chin and serves as a place to share your unique experience, ask questions, gather resources and build community. Food is provided with RSVP.

Drop by the Social Justice Resource Library in the Solidarity Lounge for conversation, resources, consultations with our Social Justice Peer Educators or just to check out upcoming workshops. See our drop-in hours.

Being the First is a program that provides opportunities for community building and support for first-generation students throughout their academic years at Mills.

Summer Academic Workshop (SAW) is a four-week residential program, tailored for first-generation students and provides selected students with a rigorous academic transition to college and a lasting supportive community. This year we are celebrating our 25th Anniversary and the over 200+ scholars and leaders in the SAW familia.

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Diversity and Social Justice Resource Center 

SAW at Mills


Diversity & Social Justice at Mills

SAW Program


Contact Information

Coordinator for DSJRC

Office of Student Life
Rothwell Center

P: 510.430.3165
F: 510.430.3235

Last Updated: 10/14/14