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New Student Checklist

We've compiled this handy checklist to help you keep track of the different items you need to complete before arriving at Mills College for SO Mills: Student Orientation 2015 on Saturday, August 22. We look forward to seeing you!

JUNE 2015


June 1

Take online placement exams for the academic fields relevant to you.

• To help you succeed at Mills, incoming students are required to take one or more placement tests, depending on your academic interests. The test results help you and your advisor make informed decisions about your first-year course schedule and help the College fine-tune the curriculum.
• Placement test scores do not affect your admission status or financial aid award and are not recorded on your college transcript.
• All necessary placement exams must be completed by August 21 at 11:59 pm PDT.

 By June 15

Receive and review your housing assignment email, if you have chosen to live on

• Look for an email from Housing Management and Dining Services (HMDS) office notifying you of your assignment and/or meal plan for the fall.

JULY 2015


By July 1

Submit final, official high school transcript to the Office of Undergraduate Admission.

First-year Students: Official high school transcript must be received by July 1 and your graduation date must be printed on the document.
Transfer Students: Official transcripts from all institutions you have attended must be received by July 1.

By July 1

Activate your Mills computing account and complete the Mills “Self-Guided Computer Orientation.”

• You will set your password, visit the Mills Resource Portal (an important gateway to campus resources), check your new Mills email account, connect to MyFiles for personal file storage, learn where the student computer labs are located on campus, read the computer lab rules, and have the option to sign up for the Emergency Notification Service.
• You will also designate your preferred email address for receiving important notifications from Mills.

By July 1

Submit disability documentation to Student Access and Support Services (SASS)

• If you haven't already done so, please submit documentation of any physical or non-apparent disabilities for review and make an appointment via email with the SASS office ( for the beginning of the term to discuss and set up accommodations. This is vital to having accommodations ready for the start of the academic year.

By July 15

Complete all financial aid requirements as outlined in your Financial Aid Award Letter.

• Visit the Mills Resource Portal to accept or decline awards online.
• Complete all requirements outlined in your financial aid award letter.
• Complete Federal Direct Stafford Loan Entrance Counseling and a Federal Direct Stafford Loan Master Promissory Note online at if you have been awarded a Federal Direct Stafford Loan as part of your financial aid award and plan to apply for this loan.
• Email if you have any questions.


Optional: Enroll in Early Fall Payment Plan and make first installment payment.

• Enroll in a six-month payment plan (July 15–December 15) using the Account Billing and Payments option on the Mills Resource Portal.
• Your first installment payment is due by July 15.
• Email if you have any questions. 


Recommended: If you would like a third party (parents, spouse/partner, accountant, etc.) to have access to your student account information, authorize them before August 1, 2015.

• Use the Account Billing and Payments option on the Mills Resource Portal to authorize a third party to view your eBills and make online payments to your account, and allow Mills College to disclose information about your student account to the authorized party.
• Email if you have any questions.

By July 15

Secure travel arrangement and accommodations for family members who are joining you for Orientation from August 22–25.

• For a list of hotels located near the Mills campus, visit our Accommodations webpage.
• For driving directions, public transit information, and a downloadable campus map, visit our Directions webpage.

By July 31

Email your student ID photo to

• Submitting your ID photo in July allows you to skip the ID photo line and receive your AC Transit EasyPass at Orientation. Students who do not submit a photo by July 31 will not receive their AC Transit EasyPass for a minimum of three weeks following Orientation due to AC Transit processing times.
• Student ID photo requirements:

• Photo must be a close-up with your face and neck clearly visible (no hats or sunglasses).
• Keep in mind when choosing your photo that this image will be the first impression many Mills employees (professors, Public Safety, etc.) will have of you.
• Photo must be a baseline/standard (not "progressive") .jpg file.
• jpg file name must be changed to your Banner ID number (example: B00XXXXXX.jpg).

By July 31

Learn about Health and Counseling Services available to you on campus at Mills on our Health and Counseling webpages.

• The Health and Counseling Services webpages include information about the on-campus Mills/Kaiser Permanente Student Health Center which is open to all Mills students (bring your Mills ID). Most office visits are free but some charges apply for labs and procedures. Appointments are recommended and can be made by calling 1.877.Mills KP. You will be issued a KP medical record number if you are not a Kaiser member.

By July 31

Enroll in or waive the Mills Student Health Plan. You must enroll in or waive the College's Student Health Plan online between July 1 and August 31 ONLY at  Kaiser Permanente StudentNet. Find out how to enroll or waive here.
• Find out more about benefits, eligibility and cost for the Mills Student Health Plan.
• Effective coverage dates for the Student Health Plan are August 15–January 14 for the fall term and January 15–August 14 for the spring term.
• The open enrollment period for the Student Health Plan is July 1–August 31.
• New students will see charges to their account for the Mills Student Health Plan. However, this does NOT mean you are enrolled in the plan. You must enroll yourself by going online to  Kaiser Permanente StudentNet between July 1 and August 31.
Failure to complete the enrollment or waive process will delay access to care and result in late fees charged to your student account.

By July 31

Check out “A Student’s Guide to Mills College.”

• This online guide will tell you everything you want to know about student life at Mills, including information on academics, athletics, commuting and transportation, dining and living on campus, jobs and internships, F. W. Olin Library, mail, student activities, things to do in the Bay Area, and much more!

July 31

Fulfill one of your general education requirements by completing the COLLEGE 005 information literacy course online.

• The online course encompasses training and assessment tests on library research methods and the use of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint software.
• COLLEGE 005 must be completed during your first year at Mills.

July 31

Read Immigrant Voices edited by Achy Obejas and Megan Bayles and consider the discussion questions.

• One of your first academic experiences at Mills will be a stimulating discussion of this book with your fellow students and Mills faculty at Orientation.

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By August 1

Submit your fall 2015 payment by August 1.

• Pay in full online using the Account Billing and Payments option on the Mills Resource Portal OR
• Enroll in a five-month payment plan (August 1–December 1) using the Account Billing and Payments option on the Mills Resource Portal.
If you enrolled in the six-month payment plan in July, continue following that payment schedule. 

By August 15

Receive and review your academic advisor informational email.

• Look for an email from the Provost’s Office, which will be sent by August 15.
• The email will include information about your academic advisor and the time of your appointment with that advisor the day before classes begin.

By August 21

Make sure you have the important items you’ll need at Mills and review suggested items to bring if you will be living on campus.

• Bring your state-issued photo ID or your passport.
• If you plan on working on or off campus, you will need your original Social Security card.
• If you are living on campus, bring a two- to three-month supply of any prescription medications you need. Visit the Housing FAQ webpage for a list of suggested items that students living on campus find helpful.

By August 21

Review and develop your course schedule by viewing the courses offered this semester and determining the classes that interest you.

• If you have already registered for classes, be sure to review your schedule and determine if any adjustments are needed. Don't forget to consult with your academic advisor.

By August 21

If you have not already done so, complete any remaining online placement exams for the academic fields relevant to you before 11:59 pm PDT.

By August 23

Finish reading Immigrant Voices, edited by Achy Obejas and Megan Bayles, and review the discussion questions at the end of the book.

By August 31

If you have not already done so, enroll in the College’s Student Health Plan or waive medical insurance online at the Kaiser Permanente StudentNet site to avoid late fees. Find out how to enroll or waive here.

If you need to save or print a copy of this checklist, download a PDF by clicking here. We’ll see you on campus for SO Mills: Student Orientation 2015 from August 22–25.






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