Faculty Development Grants

To advance our faculty's scholarship, we provide a variety of grants that support faculty travel, research, innovation, and course redesigns.

Course Redesign Grant

All members of the Mills faculty who wish to redesign an existing course are encouraged to submit a Course Redesign Grant application that includes one or more of the following goals:

  • Incorporating scholarship and current perspectives on racial and gender justice in particular, and social justice issues more broadly, in the course assignments and readings;
  • Utilizing Universal Design for Instruction concepts to enhance learning for students with diverse learning backgrounds and approaches;
  • Adopting best practices in hybrid and/or remote learning;
  • Redesigning a core course or requirement for a major/minor.

Mills Faculty Travel Grant

Two faculty categories are eligible to apply for the Faculty Travel Grant:

  • Category A is any faculty participating as an official, session organizer, presenter, or discussant at a meeting, conference, symposium, workshop, or seminar of a national or regional (i.e., more than statewide) professional organization.
  • Category B is any faculty attending a professional meeting, conference, symposium, workshop, or seminar in which the applicant is not a participant as defined in Category A. Please note Category B may not be funded every year.

Mary Ann Childers Kinkead Faculty Innovation Grant

The Mary Ann Childers Kinkead (MACK) Faculty Innovation Grant exists to inspire and support faculty leadership, collaboration, and innovation that reflect the mission of Mills College and the hallmarks of Mary Ann Childers Kinkead’s history and relationship with Mills as an undergraduate and graduate student, faculty member, faculty leader, and administrator. Check back in March 2021 for application information.

Mills Faculty Research Grant

All full-time members of the faculty who wish to conduct research or scholarly or creative work are eligible for this grant. The grant may be used towards transportation and lodging, meal costs, and supplies and equipment. Grants must be used and documentation submitted within 12 months of the award or the funds will be forfeited. Due to funding constraints, many meritorious proposals do not receive funding. Therefore, if you receive a grant and are unable to use all or a part of the funds, please notify the Mills Faculty Development Committee as soon as possible. Check back in March 2021 for application information.