Faculty Teaching Awards

Mills College recognizes the exceptional work of individual faculty members through institutional teaching awards, including endowed chairs and professorships, which are announced and celebrated each fall at Convocation.

Professor Pedro Nava

Pedro Nava, Associate Professor of Education and Department Head

Abbie Valley Professorship in Education

Professor Judith Bishop

Judith Bishop, Associate Professor

Alice Andrews Quigley Chair in Women's Studies

Professor Kim Magowan

Kim Magowan, Adjunct Professor

Aurelia Henry Reinhardt Professorship in American Literature

Professor Ellen Spertus

Ellen Spertus, Professor

Elinor Kilgore Snyder Professorship

Professor Christie Chung

Christie Chung, Professor

Esther Lee Mirmow Professorship in Psychology
Mary Ann Childers Kinkead Endowed Fund for Faculty Innovation

Professor Meryl Bailey

Meryl Bailey, Associate Professor

Eugene E. Trefethen, Jr. Professorship in Art History

Associate Provost Margaret Hunter

Margaret Hunter, Professor and Associate Provost

The Fletcher Jones Sociology Chair

Professor Diane Cady

Diane Cady, Professor and Department Head

Frederick A. Rice Professorship

Professor Brinda Mehta

Brinda Mehta, Professor

Germaine Thompson Professorship

Professor Kristina Faul

Kristina Faul, Professor

Gibbons-Young Professorship for the Advancement of Science

Professor Kate Karniouchina

Kate Karniouchina, Dean and Associate Professor

Glenn and Ellen Voyles Professorship in Business Education

Professor Priya Driscoll

Priya Driscoll, Associate Professor and Department Head

Holland Professorship in Early Childhood Education

Professor Mark Henderson

Mark Henderson, Associate Professor

James Irvine Professorship Associate

Associate Provost Margaret Hunter

Yulia Pinkusevich, Assistant Professor and Department Head

Joan Danforth Professorship in the Arts 

Professor Wanda Watson

Wanda Watson, Assistant Professor

John and Martha Davidson Professorship

Professor Lorien Rice

Lorien Rice, Associate Professor

Kathryn P. Hannam Professorship in American Studies

Professor Almudena Konrad

Almudena Konrad, Associate Professor and Department Head

Letts-Villard Professorship in Natural Sciences

Professor Jay Gupta

Jay Gupta, Associate Professor

The Lorry I. Lokey Endowed Chair in Ethics

Professor Kathleen Walkup

Kathleen Walkup, Professor

Lovelace Family Endowed Chair in Book Art

Professor Nalini Ghuman

Nalini Ghuman, Professor

Luther Brusie Marchant Professorship of Music

Professor Carol Theokary

Carol Theokary, Associate Professor

Lynn T. White, Jr. Professorship

Professor Ajuan Mance

Ajuan Mance, Dean and Professor

Mary S. Metz Chair for Excellence and Creativity in Teaching

Professor Marianne Sheldon

Marianne Sheldon, Professor and Department Head

May Treat Morrison Professorship

Professor Robert Moses

Robert Moses, Visiting Professor

Melody and Mark Teppola Distinguished Visiting Professorship

Associate Provost Margaret Hunter

Jared Young, Associate Professor

Olga T. Scheffler Chair in the Sciences

Professor Sarah Swope

Sarah Swope, Assistant Professor

Rhoda Goldman Professorship in Environmental Science

Professor Elmaz Abinader

Elmaz Abinader, Professor

Robert J. & Ann B. Wert Professorship

Professor Patricia Powell

Patricia Powell, Professor

W. M. Keck Foundation Professorship in Creative Writing

Faculty not pictured:

Susan Stryker, Visiting Professor
Barbara Lee Distinguished Professorship in Women's Leadership

Kathy Zarur, Adjunct Professor
Carver Chair in Far Eastern Studies

Catherine Wagner, Professor
Nancy Cook Endowed Professorship of Photography