Non-Tenure-Track Faculty Inclusion

Through the Non-Tenure-Track Faculty Inclusion Initiative, Mills College has adopted an inclusive, intentional, and integrative approach to its support of its non-tenure-track faculty. Two imperatives inform this initiative: working toward student success and promoting equity for all teaching faculty.

To meet these imperatives, the College provides non-tenure-track faculty with access to an array of resources to support the multiple roles of our non-tenure-track faculty. Support for teaching excellence includes a robust virtual orientation, online teaching and learning resources, and access to workshops. The College also recognizes the importance of financial support for faculty scholarly and creative projects. Non-tenure-track faculty are eligible to apply for travel and research grants administered by the Faculty Development Committee, and may obtain assistance from the External Grants and Gifts team on grant writing, budget management, and reporting.

Non-tenure-track faculty are important members of the Mills community and as such, they are represented and participate in its shared governance system—a non-tenure-track faculty representative serves on the Faculty Executive Committee, and non-tenure-track faculty are welcome, but not required, to attend and participate in faculty and division meetings. In addition, the Provost’s Office hosts non-tenure-track faculty assemblies each semester where faculty are invited to discuss College initiatives and share any concerns.

Department heads and Mills’ associate provost for teaching, learning, and faculty affairs also provide non-tenure-track faculty with an orientation to campus resources and to the department/program to which the non-tenure-track faculty member is assigned. Mentoring, advice, and guidance on College policies and procedures are all available on request.

Another feature of the Mills Non-tenure-track Faculty Inclusion Initiative is the integration that non-tenure-track faculty experience through collaborations with their ranked faculty colleagues on developing courses or undertaking joint research or creative projects.