Faculty Leadership Fellowship

Due to the COVID-19 health crisis, the Faculty Leadership Fellowship Program is on hold for the 2020–21 academic year.

The year-long Faculty Leadership Fellowship (FLF) offers training, tools, and support for Mills College faculty who are transitioning into leadership roles, as well as seasoned faculty leaders who wish to deepen their strengths as leaders.

We pay particular attention to the gendered dynamics of leadership and issues for leaders of color. Research demonstrates that women leaders and leaders of color face specific challenges to thriving as leaders, from gendered and racialized role expectations to juggling the demands of being a primary caregiver. At the same time, women leaders and leaders of color may develop unique strengths in areas such as collaboration, resiliency, and mentoring.

This program is designed to support faculty leaders in building an equitable leadership culture, creating a supportive network of fellows, identifying strengths, and shoring up areas in need of attention. Cohort meetings are facilitated facilitated by the dean of faculty.

Participation in the FLF program is intended to help faculty leaders:

  1. Explore a range of leadership styles and skills and be more intentional about how they lead.
  2. Develop self-care strategies and work boundaries that work for them.
  3. Connect with, share with and learn from other women leaders on campus.
  4. Build greater capacity to weather and address micro-aggressions and gender and racial bias.
  5. Set personal goals for growth as leaders and receive support in moving toward them.
  6. Connect more deeply with their purpose and find clarity and renewal.
  7. Explore the gendered dynamics of leadership and help to build an equitable leadership culture.