Professional Development Plans

The Center for Faculty Excellence and the Provost’s Office are committed to creating opportunities for Mills College faculty to develop new skills and learn about best practices and innovative approaches from beyond the College. We encourage all community members to adopt a growth mindset. This approach involves committing to continuous growth, taking time to learn new techniques, and viewing failure and challenges as opportunities to develop.

Each faculty member is responsible for identifying professional development needs and seeking out opportunities that work for them. Your program head should partner with you to identify opportunities and help you meet your development goals. We encourage you to develop your own individualized development plan, in discussion with your program head. Two moments when it is particularly helpful to develop a plan are:

  • When you are transitioning into a new position or new responsibilities
  • Annually, as a way to maintain continuous growth

Creating Your Professional Development Plan

Your goals for your individualized plan may be:

  • To learn new skills and knowledge
  • To keep up with changes and developments in your field
  • To improve your performance
  • To feel more confident in a new position or with new responsibilities
  • To learn more efficient ways to do existing tasks
  • To feel greater mastery of your job area
  • To network and learn from others in your field beyond Mills

A professional development plan typically will include:

  • A goal or goals (e.g. I want to feel more confident initiating difficult conversations; I want to learn effective project management strategies; I want to learn how to use ePortfolio in my classroom)
  • One or more activities to help you meet your goal

Activities to help you meet your goal may include:

  • Asking a colleague or supervisor to provide training or coaching
  • Networking or coaching with an external colleague
  • Serving on a committee or project team
  • Taking on a “stretch assignment” outside of your comfort area
  • Participating in a free online training offered by Employee Services through Lawroom/Everfi (regulatory and safety trainings) or ThinkHR (professional development, safety, and IT training)
  • Participating in Employee Services or IT in-person trainings
  • Attending an off-campus workshop or professional conference
  • Participating in the Provost’s Office Professional Academic Staff (PAS) meetings
  • Taking a class using Mills’ tuition remission program

We have created a professional development plan template that incorporates these strategies to help you reach your goals.