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The COVID-19 pandemic compelled institutions everywhere to move swiftly to online platforms and techniques as the primary method of delivering both undergraduate and graduate courses. At Mills, we are meeting this challenge head-on, developing innovative approaches to digital teaching and learning that amplify the strengths of our teaching and reflect our values as an institution. We have compiled a set of helpful resources and hope to provide access to opportunities for faculty development around digital pedagogy, even as we do the critical work of sustaining ourselves and each other as teachers, scholars, and the front line of continuity and stability for our students.

Digital Learning Core Values | Online Teaching & Learning Resources | Mills Digital Learning Team

Digital Learning: Our Core Values

As you build and develop your online courses, consider the ways your teaching tools and techniques can advance the following core values for digital learning at Mills:

  • Universal Literacy: Building students' preparedness for full participation in digital culture.
  • Creative Literacy: Building students' capacities not only as users, but as makers in the digital realm.
  • Literacy Across Disciplines: Encouraging in students an awareness that technological needs, tools, and practices are discipline- and occupation-specific.
  • Digital Agility: Supporting students' ability to shift with ease between computers, operating systems, digital platforms, and tools, including their skill in evaluating creative and scholarly problems to determine the best digital solution for their needs.
  • Universal Design: To use digital techniques in ways that enhance access and pedagogy.
  • Universal Access: To make use of free or low-cost platforms and tools.

Online Teaching & Learning Resources

Teaching in an Online Environment
Line art of a digital screen being viewed by multiple students

An introduction to synchronous online learning at Mills.

Digital Learning Now: Tools & Workspaces
Line art showing a side view of a human head and a active human mind

A slideshow of concepts, issues, and questions for online and hybrid learning.

Revising Your Course Syllabus
Line art showing a book being incorporated into the Internet

What to keep in mind when adapting your existing syllabus for online learning.

Designing an Accessible Online Course
Line art of a pair of hands cupping a globe

Best practices and tips for building courses that work for all students, including those with different abilities.

Canvas Learning Management System
Line art showing a hand clicking on a textbook with a graduation cap on top of it

Getting started with the College's web-based course management system.

Video Demonstrations & Tutorials
Line art of an open laptop with a video player on the screen

A collection of videos featuring different helpful online tools.

Video Conferencing Best Practices
Line art of an open laptop showing a video conference on the screen

A guide from Mills Information Technology Services to preparing for successful, secure video conferences.

COVID-19 Resources for Higher Education
Line art showing a large book with a bookmark with a computer mouse attached

Hanover Research’s online resource center with key facts, resources, and potential higher education responses.

External Online Teaching Resources
Line art showing a wifi icon surrounded by five individuals connected by dotted lines

Online teaching guidance shared by other higher education institutions and organizations.

Mills Digital Learning Team

The members of the Mills Digital Learning Team can help you navigate the challenges of online teaching with practical advice and technological support. Connect with them today.