COVID-19 News Updates

Update 10.13.20:

On October 13, 2020, the State of California announced that Alameda County and Santa Clara County have been moved into the orange or "moderate" tier in the State's color-coded, four-tier "Blueprint for a Safer Economy." At this time, the Mills campus remains closed to the general public. Students, faculty, and staff are still required to pass a daily health check via the MillsGo app before coming to campus. Vendors and guests can take the daily health check by using this using this symptom check form. Read more details about campus access procedures.

There have been some questions about food delivery and people just dropping or picking someone up, so here is some further clarification:

Picking Up or Dropping Off:

  • food or medical deliveries
  • rideshare or taxi drivers
  • spouses/partners/friends picking up or dropping off a Mills employee or student

The drivers must just drop off/pick up and not exit the vehicle or go into any building on campus. Anyone dropping off/picking up should be on campus for only 15 minutes.

If an employee/student is in the car and staying on campus, they can show the MillsGo app authorization to the Department of Public Safety officer through the window.

Any campus resident receiving food or other deliveries should come out of the residence to meet the driver and get the delivery. The driver should drop off and immediately leave the campus. In these cases, the driver does not need to do the symptom checker.

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