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Diversity and Social Justice at Mills

First Friday Diversity and Social Justice Workshops
Fall 2011 - Spring 2012

All sessions will be held in the Faculty/Staff Lounge behind the Tea Shop.

Date Friday, September 2
Time 12 noon
Topic Intersection of Identities

Dr. Angela Batista, Associate Dean of Students
Dr. Lulesa Hammond, Interim VP of Human Resources and Administration

Description Friday, September 2nd at noon in the Faculty Staff Lounge is the launch of the Mills First Friday Diversity Series. Angela Batista (Associate Dean of Students for Community Life) and Lesa Hammond (Interim Vice President of Human Resources and Administration) will set the stage for the monthly series as you explore the intersectional identities we each hold. We all know that we are complex beings made up of more than one identity, yet we often attribute unidimensional characteristics to others. Join in this engaging dialogue and bring a coworker to explore the multiple dimensions of your life.
Date Friday, October 7
Time 12 noon
Topic Apparent and Non-apparent Disabilities

Jess Miller, Director, Services for Students with Disabilities
Gina Rosabal, Director of Social Justice Initiatives and Associate Director, Summer Academic Workshop (SAW)

Description In this session we will look beyond what seems obvious and surface struggles that are often unseen.  We will also discuss Universal Design in Education and its inclusionary power to make learning accessible for all learners.  This will be an interactive session, come with your questions and observations.
Date Friday, November 4
Time 12 noon
Topic Spirituality as Meaning-Making
Presenter Reverend Laura C. Engelken, College Chaplain
Description According to Astin and colleagues (2010), spirituality has to do with the values we hold most dear – shaping our sense of who we are, where we come from and the meaning and purpose for our lives.  Come for an interactive discussion to identify, explore and critically reflect upon the ways you make meaning of life and world.  We'll talk about the unique challenges and opportunities here at Mills College for identifying and strengthening our personal spiritual resources to sustain our lives, communities and create a more just world. You'll also have an opportunity to view the summary report generated from last year's collaboration between Mills College and the Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC) – an assessment and strategic planning process to help advance a culture of interfaith cooperation on campus – and find out how you might be involved in the project's next steps!
Date Friday, February 3
Time 12 noon
Topic Thinking Queerly about Higher Education
Presenter Dr. David Donahue, Professor of Education
Date Friday, March 2
Time 12 noon
Topic More than Just Words; Language Awareness for Social Justice
Presenter Dr. Tomas Galguera, Professor of Education

Just as fish probably do not notice water, precisely because they are in it always, humans tend not to notice the structure and surface features of language—though we are quite adept at decoding its meaning from an early age. Yet, language is a powerful symbol of power and status. Language is also how power is exercised and maintained in our society. Finally, language is a marker and source of cultural, ethnic, racial, class, and group identity. We often make subconscious assumptions about a person's worth and power purely on how they speak or write.

Nowhere is this more true than in schools, where language is not only the predominant medium of instruction but its use and levels of proficiency are also legitimate criteria of discrimination. Given its importance and multi-layered complexity, it behooves everyone involved in education at all levels to gain critical awareness of language. Working with examples of language use in a variety of contexts, in this session we will examine the power and status differences behind language and ways in which we judge each other based entirely on this essentially human behavior. Through small group discussions and exercises we will aim to gain awareness toward and question perceptions of linguistic differences and work toward equity and social justice. 

Date Friday, April 6
Time 12 noon
Topic TBA
Presenter TBA


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