Meeting Rooms

Unless otherwise noted, all meeting facilities have a security deposit of $500, due upon signing of the contract. Deposits will be refunded within 15 business days after the event concludes, provided there are no damages or additional charges. Minimum rental time for any reception or event venue is four hours, weekdays only (classrooms excluded).

Year-Round Conference Facilities

Carnegie Hall 
Bender Room Multiple set ups to accommodate 80  $800/day 
Lisser Hall1
Contact for venue inquiries.
Reinhardt Alumnae House2
Multiple set ups to accommodate 55 (indoors)-150 (outdoor patio and lawn) $1850/day or $225 per hour (four hour minimum, weekdays only)

Weekend and Evening Conference Facilities

Padded pews, seating 175 $960/3 hours
CPM Complex
100 Theater with continuous desktops, seating 72 $300/day 
101 Classroom, seating 40  $200/day 
102 Theater with continuous desktops, swivel chairs, fixed seating 24  $200/day 
205, 206  Seminar, seating 14  $150/day 
Fine Arts Annex
106  Classroom, fixed seating 91  $350/day 
Lokey Graduate School of Business and Public Policy
109 Classroom, seating 40 $450/day
110 Classroom, seating 25 $350/day
117 Theater, fixed seating 50 $550/day
118 Theater, fixed seating 50 $550/day
124 Classroom, seating 25 $350/day
125 Classroom, seating 40 $450/day
Gathering Hall Multiple set-ups to accommodate 120 $2,575/day
Lucie Stern Hall
100 Theater, fixed seating 144  $500/day 
101, 107 Theater, fixed seating 70  $300/day 
6, 26 Classroom, seating 35  $200/day 
Mills Hall
1323 Classroom, seating 20  $300/day 
1333 Classroom, seating 45   $450/day 
135  Classroom, seating 25   $300/day 
Moore Natural Sciences Building
208 Classroom, seating 20 $300/day
212 Classroom, seating 36 $350/day
213, 215 Classroom, seating 48 $400/day
217 Classroom, seating 40 $350/day
241 Classroom, seating 30 $350/day
Music Building
Littlefield Concert Hall Contact
Rothwell Center
Bennett Lounge4 Multiple set-ups to accommodate 50  $800/day
Bennett Lounge & Faculty Dining Room4,6 Seating, 150 $1,600/day
Student Union Multiple set-ups to accommodate 150 $1,850/day
Café Suzie's Can only be rented with the Student Union $475/day
Rothwell Theater Contact for venu inquiries.
Holmgren Meadow5 Outdoor Meadow $1000–$2,750
per day
Vera M. Long Building
140 Classroom, seating 24  $300/day 
Art Museum
Art Museum Lawn Outdoor Space $2,400/day

1.  The Lisser Theatre rental fee does not include audiovisual equipment fees. Your security deposit of $1,000 will be refunded within 15 business days after the event concludes, provided there are no damages or additional charges. Lisser Foyer can only be used for a reception in conjunction with renting Lisser Theater. 

2.  The Reinhardt Alumnae House Living Room and Patio are rented together as one unit. A one-day rental period is defined as 10 hours. Rental fees listed above do not include security deposit, Public Safety, and cleaning fees.  

3.  Mills Hall Classrooms 132 and 133 are connected with a large sliding door between them.

4.  Only Bennett Lounge can be rented on its own.

5. Individual price quotes will be given for all events held on Holmgren Meadow.

6. Our on-site caterer, Bon Appetit, must be used for events taking place in the Faculty Dining Room during their business hours. View the list of other preferred vendors. The Bon Appetit catering manager can be reached at or 510.430.2042.