Ashley C Adams

Ashley Adams
Assistant Adjunct Professor of Public Policy
Acting Director of Public Policy
GSB 214A
Curriculum Vitae


At Mills Since 2018


Dr. Ashley Adams is academically and professionally experienced in community services and development, public affairs, policy studies, nonprofit management, student services and leadership, preservation policy and planning, and more. Her current research efforts are focused on the impacts of Covid-19 on African American businesses, preservation policy for African American historical locations, and African American reparations.


  • BA, University Of Kansas
  • MPA, Park Coll-Parkville
  • PhD, Walden University

Faculty Office Hours, Spring 2022

Days Times Room
 M 9:00 am–11:00 am GSB 214A
T 2:30 pm–3:30 pm GSB 214A

Spring 2022 Schedule

Day Time Course Title Room
4:00 pm-6:30 pm
MPP Integrative Core IIGSB 124

Courses Taught

  • PPOL 015: Introduction to Policy: Identifying and Solving Public Problems
  • PPOL 114: Social Policy Analysis
  • PPOL 180R: The Case for Reparations: The Legacy of Racism in the United States
  • PPOL 191: Senior Seminar
  • PPOL 210: Public Policy and Economic Analysis
  • PPOL 214: Social Policy Analysis
  • PPOL 231: Integrative Core II: Application/Integration of Policy Analysis Frameworks
  • PPOL 280R: The Case for Reparations: The Legacy of Racism in the United States