Computer Science


Maia Averett

Maia C Averett

Associate Professor of Mathematics
CPM 200A

Professional Interests: topology, topological data analysis, mathematical outreach and support of underrepresented groups

Lynn Delker

Lynn M Delker

Adjunct Professor
NSB 116

Professional Interests: Physics and science education

Maryam Farahmand

Maryam A Farahmand

Assistant Adjunct Professor of Mathematics

Camille L Kaslan

Assistant Adjunct Professor of Chemistry

Professional Interests: Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Physical Chemistry, Experimental Chemistry, Ultrafast Spectroscopy

Pamela Price

Pamela R Price

Assistant Adjunct Professor

Professional Interests: programming languages, STEM education, coding classes for girls, diversity in technology

Colin Schatz

Colin G Schatz

Assistant Adjunct Professor
CPM 203

Professional Interests: Computer science education, conceptual and identity development of novice coders, tech equity, artificial intelligence

Ellen Spertus

Ellen R Spertus

Professor of Computer Science
Elinor Kilgore Snyder Professor
CPM 201

Professional Interests: Computer science education, open source software, gender in computer science, social effects of computing

Susan Wang

Susan S Wang

Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science
CPM 202

Professional Interests: Design and analysis of algorithms, very large-scale integrated systems, parallel computation


Holly Robinson

Faculty Administrative Assistant

CPM 104