Molissa Fenley Curriculum Vitae

BA, Mills College, 1975

Courses Taught
DNC 081/181: Mapping the Structure B: Group Choreography
DNC 109: Advanced Modern Dance
DNC 181: Solo Choreography
DNC 190: Senior Project in Dance
DNC 250C: Thesis Concert
DNC 286: Contemporary Choreography: Stylistic and Contextual Investigations
DNC 297: Ideas About Space

Professional Experience
1977–Present Artistic Director, Molissa Fenley and Company, New York, NY

1986Present Executive Director, Momenta Foundation, New York, NY (the non-profit organization that supports Molissa Fenley and Company)

1999Present Professor of Dance, Mills College, Oakland, CA (spring semesters only)

2016 Visiting Professor, Hunter College, NY

20152016 Visiting Professor, Barnard/Columbia, New York

2013 Visiting Professor, Bennington College, Vermont

20032008, 2015 Faculty, Experimental Theater Wing, NYU, New York

2002 Visiting Professor, University of Tokyo, Komaba campus

2001 Visiting Professor, University of Georgia at Athens, GA

1999, 2002 Visiting Professor, University of Utah at Salt Lake City, UT

National Dance Institute, Santa Fe, NM, 2016

Yaddo, Saratoga Springs, NY, 2015

Dance Initiative, Carbondale, CO, 2015

Bogliasco Foundation, Bogliasco, Italy, 2013

The Hotchkiss School, 2012

Baryshnikov Arts Center, 2010

The Atlantic Center for the Arts, 1996, 2002, 2009

The American Academy in Rome, 2008

The Asian Cultural Council, Tokyo, 1989, 2002

The Djerrasi Foundation, 1997

Harvard University, 1995

Molissa Fenley
has choreographed over 75 works in her 37-year career in dance. With her company, Molissa Fenley and Company (founded in 1977), and as a soloist working in collaboration with visual artists and composers, Molissa has performed throughout the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Her work has been commissioned by the American Dance Festival, the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Next Wave Festival, the Dia Art Foundation, Jacob’s Pillow, Lincoln Center, the New National Theater of Tokyo, The Kitchen, Dance Theater Workshop, and many others. Both Cenotaph and State of Darkness were awarded a Bessie for Choreography in 1985 and 1988 respectively. Molissa has also created many works on other ballet and contemporary dance companies, most recently for the Pacific Northwest Ballet, the Seattle Dance Project and Robert Moses' Kin. She is Professor of Dance at Mills College, in residence in the spring semesters, and often teaches choreography for the Experimental Theater Wing of New York University. She is a Guggenheim Fellow (2008), a Fellow of the American Academy in Rome, (Rome Prize, 2008) a Fellow of the Bogliasco Study Center (2013) and a Master Artist of the Atlantic Center of the Arts, (1996 and 2009). Recent awards include the American Masterpieces Initiative from the National Endowment for the Arts, 2010. Her most recent performance was sponsored by New York Live Arts as part of their Replay Series, October 2013.

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Recent Conferences
Dance USA, Philadelphia, PA.
Dance Discourse Project #13, 2012, San Francisco, CA. Paper: Dancing with the Visual Arts, Sometimes in museums.
Dance on Camera 2012, New York, NY, Panel Member: Dances for An iPhone.
Dance on Camera 2012, New York, NY, Panel Member: "Seven Dances."
Joyce Soho, New York, NY, 2010, Panel Chair: The Rite of Spring.

Visiting Artist Lectures
2009, Guest Lecture/Demonstration, Valencia College, FL
2009, Guest Lecture/Demonstration, Atlantic Center for the Arts, FL
2006, Guest Lecture/Demonstration, Sonoma State University, CA
2006, Guest Lecture/Demonstration, Bucknell University, PA
2001, Guest Lecture/Demonstration, University of Tokyo, Japan
2001, Guest Lecture/Demonstration, Virginia Commonwealth University, VA
2001, Guest Lecture/Demonstration, University of Georgia, GA
2000, Guest Lecture/Demonstration, Lafayette College, PA
2000, Guest Lecture/Demonstration, Bard College, NY
1999, Guest Lecture/Demonstration, University of Utah, UT
1997, Guest Lecture/Demonstration, Djerassi, CA
1997, Guest Lecture/Demonstration, Sonoma State University, CA
1996, Guest Lecture/Demonstration, Mills College, CA
1995, Guest Lecture/Demonstration, Harvard University, MA
1993, Guest Lecture/Demonstration Rutgers University, NJ
1993, Guest Lecture/Demonstration, University of California Santa Cruz, CA

Selected Commissions
2016, Stanford University, State of Darkness, reconstruction for Rebecca Chaleff

2015, 95 Rituals for Anna Halprin, Dana and Shinichi Iova—Koga, Seven

2015, Barnard/Columbia, Amdo, (Water Table, part 7)

2015, Repertory Dance Theater, Utah, Energizer

2015, Dance Initiative, Carbondale, CO, The Pattern of the Surface, (Water Table, part 5)

2014, Pacific Northwest Ballet, remounting of State of Darkness

2013, Repertory Dance Theater, Utah, remounting of Desert Sea

2012, Robert Moses’ Kin, The Vessel Stories

2011, Seattle Dance Project, Planes in Air

2008, Seattle Dance Project, Castor

2008, Marymount Manhattan College, Lava Field, reconstruction

2007, Pacific Northwest Ballet, State of Darkness, reconstruction

2006, Peggy Baker, Dreaming Awake

2005, Repertory Dance Theater, Utah, Desert Sea, revived 2013

2003, Peter Boal, Waiting for Rain

1999, Peter Boal, State of Darkness, reconstruction

1999, University of Utah Repertory Company, Timbral Inventions

1997, Peter Boal, Pola'a

1997, Felicia Norton, Icho: Solitary Butterfly

1995, Peggy Baker, Savanna

1994, Deutsche Oper Ballet of Berlin, Bridge of Dreams

1993, Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company, Esperanto

1993, Dance Alloy, Sightings

1992, The Foundation for Contemporary Performance Arts and the William Hale Harkness Foundation, Place

1991, Peggy Baker, Inner Enchantments

1986, The Ohio Ballet, Feral

1986, Australian Dance Theater, A Descent into the Maelstrom

1986, The Brooklyn Academy of Music, Geologic Moments

1985, Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, Cenotaph

1983, The Brooklyn Academy of Music, Hemispheres

1982, Dance Theater Workshop, Eureka

1981, The American Dance Festival, Gentle Desire

1980, Elisa Monte Dance Company, Boca Raton

1980, Dance Theater Workshop, Energizer

1979, The Kitchen Center for Video, Music and Dance, Mix

Selected Performances and Exhibitions
November 12, 2016 Fort Gansevoort Gallery, NY

October 27, 2016 Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY

October 14,15, 2016 Stanford University, Stanford, CA

October 7, 2016 NYU Tisch School of the Arts, New York, NY

July 17, 2016 The Railyard Performance Center, Santa Fe, NM

June 14-18, 2016 New York Live Arts, NY

May 1, 2016 SAFEHouse for the Performing Arts, San Francisco, CA

April 16, 2016 Anderson Collection, Stanford University, CA

April 14, 2016 Mills College Art Museum

January 9, 2016 Salon Performance, Dianne Vapnek, Santa Barbara, CA

December 9, 2016 Hunter College, NY

November 19-21, 2015 New York Live Arts, NY

November 15, 2015 Reading of Rhythm Field, at the Bowery Poetry Club, NY

September 25, 2015 Reading of Rhythm Field, at the Heller Library, Mills College

September 12, 2015 The Launchpad, Carbondale, CO

July 3, 2015 Repertory Dance Theater, Salt Lake City, UT

February 9, 2015 Stanford University

February 7, 2015 Mills College Art Museum

October 9-11, 2014 The Flea

September 16, 2014 Judson Memorial Church

August 28, 2014 Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Rubenstein Atrium

May 16, 17, 2014 Oakland Ballet, Malonga Center, Oakland, CA

April 1, 2014 Mills College Art Museum

December 14, 2013 Bogliasco Foundation, Italy

October 2-5, 2013, New York Live Arts, New York, NY

May 9, 2013, Stanford University

March 19, 2013, The National Museum of Dance, Saratoga Springs, NY

March 16, 17, 2013, The Art Museum, Mills College

December 7,8,9, 2012, La Mama Theater, NYC

November 21-23, 2012, E=mc2 Dankonst, Goteborg, Sweden

October 27, 2012, National Academy Museum, NYC

September 9, 2012, American Dance Guild 2012 Performance Festival at The Alvin Ailey Citigroup Theater, NYC

August 17, 2012, Jacob's Pillow Festival, Beckett, MA

July 14, 2012, The Basilica Hudson, Hudson, NY

March 16-July 8, 2012, Video Clones, Exhibition: Keith Haring 1978-1982, The Brooklyn Museum, NY

January 29, 2012, Dance on Camera Festival 2012, Lincoln Center, NYC

January 9, 2012, Judson Memorial Church, NYC

September 22, 2011, The Art Museum, Mills College

August 27, 28, 2011, The Days and Nights Festival, Carmel, CA

August 9, 2011, Bowery Poetry Club, NYC

July 30, 2011, The Art Barn, Port Hood, Nova Scotia

May 22, 2011, Saint Cecilia's Convent, Brooklyn, NY

March 25, 2011, Trahern Theater, Austin Peay State University, TN

January 9, 2011, Baryshnikov Arts Center, NYC

December 17, 2010, Fremont Abbey, Seattle, WA

November 16, 2010, Dixon Place, NYC

November 4-7, 2010, Joyce Soho, NYC

October 6, 2010, American Academy in Rome, Orensanz Theater, NYC

June 18-Sept 12, 2010, Andy Warhol's TV Show Exhibition: Andy Warhol: The Last Decade, Brooklyn Museum, NY

June 19, 20, 2010, Poet's House, NYC

April 27, 2010, Benefit for Danspace in honor of Philip Glass, NYC

March 26-28, 2010, Harkness Dance Festival, NYC

March 4-6, 2010, Theatre Artaud, San Francisco

December 2, 2009, American Academy in Rome Gala, NYC

September 15-17, 2009, Judson Memorial Church, NYC

September 14, 2009, Movement Research at Judson Church, NYC

July 27, 2009, Performing Arts Center, Western Washington University, WA

July 18, 2009, Crowley Theater, Marfa, TX

May 16, 2009, La Mama Dance Moves Festival - Dancing Divas, NYC

May 5, 2009, La MaMa ETC The Annex Theatre, NYC

March 6, 2009, The Atlantic Center for the Arts, New Smyrna Beach, FL

January 25, 29, 2009, Shotwell Studios, San Francisco, CA

October 7 2008-January 18 2009, Andy Warhol's TV Show Exhibition: Other Voices, Other Rooms, Tate Museum, London UK

June 3, 4 2008, The American Academy in Rome, Italy

April 26-28, 2008, Symphony Space, NYC

April 16-19, 2008, E=mc2 Dankonst and 24 kvadrat, Goteborg, Sweden

April 11-13, 2008, Le Regard du Cygne, Paris, France

December 11-17, 2007, The Joyce Theater, NYC

June 16, 2007, Fisher Center for the Performing Arts, Bard, NY

May 31-June 2, 2007, McCaw Hall, Seattle, WA

October 10, 2006, The Flea Theater, NYC

October 6, 2006, Allentown Symphony Hall, PA

August 15, 2006, National Ballet School of Canada, Toronto, Ontario

May 14, 2006, Sonoma State University, CA

April 6, 2006, Rovereto Music Festival, Italy

March 3, 2006, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA

September 30, 2005, Fall for Dance Festival at City Center, NYC

September 15-18, 2005, Joyce Soho, NYC

May 17, 2005, World Financial Center, NYC

April 11, 2005, Jeanne Wagner Theater, Salt Lake City, UT

November 1921, 2004, Danspace, NYC

November 6, 2004, October Gallery, London, UK

September 29-October 9, 2004, The Kitchen, NYC

January 24, 25, 2004, Kravis Center for the Arts, FL

November 13-16, 2003, Joyce Soho, NYC

October 22, 23, 2003, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space, Tokyo

August 27, 28, 2003, National Theater of Korea, Seoul

July 17, 2003, Concord Academy, MA

July 9, 2003, Central Park Summerstage, NYC

January 9-14, 2003, The Joyce Theater, Altogether Different 2003, NYC

January 16-20 2002, The Joyce Theater, Altogether Different 2002, NYC

Sept 28-30, 2001, New National Theater, Tokyo

March 30, 2001, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA

March 26, 2001, New Victory Theater, NYC

Jan 5, 6, 2001, Kravis Center for the Arts, West Palm Beach, FL

Nov 3, 2000, Lafayette College, Easton, PA

Sept. 29-October 1, 2000, The Joyce Soho, NYC

February 9-19, 2000, The Kitchen, NYC

August 12, 1999, Lincoln Center Out of Doors, NYC

May 25, 26, 1999, Dalhousie Arts Center, Halifax, Nova Scotia

May 6-8, 1999, Theater Artaud, San Francisco, CA

April 1-10, 1999, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT

March 10, 1999, Winter Garden, WTC

January 6-8, 1999, Martha @ Mother's, NYC

July 31, 1998, Summerstage, NYC

May 10, 1998, Morishita Studios, Tokyo

January 15-17, 1998, The MAC, Dallas, TX

October 13, 1997, Center for Contemporary Art, Dallas, TX

September 5, 1997, Sonoma State University, CA

August 9, 1997, Lincoln Center, NYC

March 14, 15, 1997, Miami Light Project at the Colony Theater, Miami, FL

January 28-February 2, 1997, The Joyce Theater, NYC

January 14, 15, 1997, Sydney Festival, Sydney, Australia

September 15-October 5, 1996, Atlantic Center for the Arts, New Smyrna Beach, FL

August 30, 1996, Festival of Contemporary Art, Leon, Mexico

July 18-20, 1996, Jacobs Pillow, Beckett, MA

July 10, 14, 1996, Dancing in the Streets at Wave Hill, NY

May 15, 1996, National Ballet School, Toronto, Ontario

May 3, 1996, Empire State Performing Arts Center/The Egg, Albany, NY

April 24, 25, 1996, PS 122 Tour: Portland Institute for the Contemporary Arts

April 19, 1996, PS 122 Tour: UCSC Performing Arts Theater, CA

April 16, 1996, PS 122 Tour: UCSB Arts and Lectures, Santa Barbara, CA

April 12, 1996, PS 122 Tour: UCLA Center for the Performing Arts, Los Angeles, CA

March 1, 1996, PS 122 Tour: Quick Center for the Arts, Fairfield, CT

February 29, 1996, PS 122 Tour: Flynn Theater, Burlington, VT

February 27, 28, 1996, PS 122 Tour: Dartmouth College, NH

February 24, 1996, PS 122 Tour: DuPage College, Glen Ellyn, IL

February 23, 1996, PS 122 Tour: Performing Arts Chicago/Vick Theater, IL

February 16-18, 1996, PS 122 Tour: Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY

February 12, 1996, PS 122 Tour: Harn Museum, FSU, Gainesville, FL

February 9, 1996, PS 122 Tour: North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

February 8, 1996, PS 122 tour: Reston Community Center, VA

February 6, 1996, PS 122 tour: Lafayette College, Easton, PA

February 2-3, 1996, PS 122 Tour: Houston Society of the Performing Arts, TX

January 31, 1996, PS 122 Tour: Opening Benefit, PS122, NYC

January 28, 1995, The Joyce Theater Benefit for Molissa Fenley, NYC

January 24-29, 1995, The Joyce Theater, NYC

Nov. 29-Dec .7, 1995, Playhouse 91, 92nd YMHA, NYC

August 5, 1994, "Now You See it Festival," Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, UK

August 13, 14, 1994, Asahi Hall, Tokyo

October 28, 29, 1994, National Institute of the Arts, Taipei, Taiwan

October 21, 22, 1994, The Indonesian Dance Festival, Graha Bhakti Budaya Theatre/Jakarta Institute of the Arts, Indonesia

October 14-16, 1994, The Black Box, Singapore

October 14, 1994, Shell Theaterette, Singapore

October 7-8, 1994, City Hall Theater/Hong Kong Cultural Center

June 11-29, 1994, Deutsche Oper Berlin, Germany

June 18-21, 1994, Copenhagen Festival, Denmark

January 22, 1994, Stanford Lively Arts, Palo Alto, CA

October 6-17, 1993, The Kitchen, NYC

September 28, 1993, Rutgers University, NJ

June 22-23, 1993, American Dance Festival, Durham, NC

June 5, 1993, Baltimore Museum, Baltimore, MD

May 2, 1993, Jewel Heart Theater, Detroit, MI

April 30-May 1, 1993, Miami Light, Miami, FL

March 19-20, 1993, The Krannert Center, Urbana-Champaign, IL

February 10, 1993, Bombay, India

February 8, 1993, Madras, India

February 5, 1993, Calcutta, India

February 1, 1993, Bangalore, India

January 29, 1993, Kamani Auditorium, New Dehli, India

January 12-18, 1993, The Joyce Theater, NYC

January 8, 1993, University of California Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA

November 10, 1992, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, VA

October 9, 1992, The Kennedy Center, Washington, DC

August 9-12, 1992, Akasaka Theater, Tokyo, Japan

1992, American Dance Festival, Durham, NC

1991, The Brisbane Biennial, Australia

1990, Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival, Beckett, MA

1990, Serious Fun! Festival at Lincoln Center, NYC

1989, American Dance Festival, Durham, NC

1988, American Dance Festival, Durham, North Carolina

1988, Serious Fun! Festival at Lincoln Center, NYC

1986, The Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Next Wave Festival, NY

March 1986, The Adelaide Festival, Australia

July 1985, Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival, Beckett, MA

March 1984, The Adelaide Festival, Australia

March 1984, The International Festival at Perth, Australia

March 1984, The International Festival, Christchurch, New Zealand

September 1983, The Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Next Wave Festival, NY

September 29-October 10, 1982, Dance Theater Workshop, NYC

March 24-25 1982, Teatro Nuovo, Naples, Italy (7 performances)

March 19, 1982, Kunsthalle Basel, Basel, Switzerland

March 18, 1982, Kunsthaus Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

March 17, 1982, Salle Patino, Geneva Switzerland

March 15-16 1982, Schauspielhaus, Tanz'82 Vienna Festival, Vienna, Austria

March 13, 1982, Bayerische Staatsoper National Theater Munchen (New Dance '82) West Germany

Feb. 26-27 1982, American Center, Paris, France

February 20, 1982, Salle Benoit XII, Festival d’Avignon, Avignon, France

February 15, 1982, Centre d'Arts Plastiques Contemporains (C.A.P.C.), Festival Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France

198, Dance Umbrella Festival

November 7-8, 1981, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff UK (Wales)

November 4-5, 1981, Warwick Arts Centre, Warwick, UK

November 3, 1981, Alsager College, Crewe, UK

October 30-31, 1981, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London

October 25, 1981, Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich UK

October 21, 1981, Primo Festivale Internationale, Premio Teatrale Mondello, Palermo, Italy

October 3-11, 1981, NEW DANCE USA: Walker Art Center/Anwatin Middle School, Minneapolis, Minnesota

October 1-4, 1981, Margaret Jenkins Dance Studio, SF

July 26, 1981, Art on the Beach, NYC

June 20, 1981, Werktheater Kruithuis, Groningen, Holland

June 19, 1981, Piccolo Theater, Rotterdam

June 18, 1981, Stadsschouwburg (Blauwe Zaal), Utrecht

June 16, 1981, Hot Theater, The Hague

June 15, 1981, Centrum Bellevue, Amsterdam

July 7-13, 1981, American Dance Festival/The Emerging Generation, Steward Theatre, Raleigh and Durham, NC

June 7, 1981, Television Broadcast, Theater Carre, Amsterdam

April 22, 1981, Mills College, Oakland, CA

March 5-7, 1981, Washington Project for the Arts, Washington, DC

November 6-9, 1980, Dance Theater Workshop, NYC

October 30, 1980, Stadsschouwburg Globe Zaal, Eindhoven, Holland

October 25, 1980, American Center, Paris, France

October 18, 1980, Amerika Hus, West Berlin, West Germany

October 3, 1980, Bio-Theater, Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Sweden

September 6-9, 1980, Theater Carre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Bridge of Dreams-Repertoire, Berlin Ballet
Desert Sea-Repertoire, Utah Repertory Company
Dreaming Awake-Repertoire, Peggy Baker Dance Project
Feral-Repertoire, Ohio Ballet
Folds-Repertoire, Virginia Commonwealth University
Kuro Shio-Repertoire, Korea/Tokyo Women Exchange
Lava Field-Repertoire, Marymount Manhattan College
Molissa Fenley Archive Special Collections and Archive 1973-Present, Special Collections, F.W. Olin Library Mills College
The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, Interview with Molissa Fenley, The Oral History Project, 2009
Planes in Air-Repertoire, Seattle Dance Project
Spring Waterfall-Repertoire, The University of Georgia, GA
Signs/Landmark-Repertoire, New National Theater of Tokyo
State of Darkness-Repertoire, Pacific Northwest Ballet
Tala-Repertoire, The University of Wisconsin at Madison, WI
Timbral Inventions, Escalay, I and You Resemble Each Other-Repertoire, The University of Salt Lake City, UT
Trace, Credo in Us, Castor and Pollux, Patterns and Expectations, Tala, Water Courses-Repertoire, Mills College
The Vessel Stories-Repertoire, Robert Moses’ Kin
Waiting for Rain-Repertoire, Peter Boal

Major Choreographic Works
2016, Circadian Rhythm, music by Peter Garland, set elements by Robert Gaylor

2015–2016, Water Table , in 8 parts:

Parts 1 and 2 – The Third Coast, music by Ryuichi Sakamoto
Part 3 – Baffin Island, music by Ryuichi Sakamoto
Part 4 – Sargasso Sea
Part 5 – The Pattern of the Surface, music by Philip Glass
Part 6 – On the Other Ocean, music by David Behrman
Part 7 – Amdo, music by Ulfur Hansson
Part 8 – Mali, music by Laetitia Sonami

2015, Sevencreated for Dana and Shinichi Iova-Koga, as part of 95 Rituals for Anna Halprin

2014, Entrance , music by David Behrman

2014, Redwood Park, parts 1 and 2; Part 1, music by Joan Jeanrenaud, Part 2 in silence

2014, Esperanto (Revival), music by Ryuichi Sakamoto

2014, Beams , music by Alvin Curran

2013, Dance an Impossible Space , video by Jean-Pierre Gavanelli

2013, Found Object, collaboration with Erin Gee (composer) John Guare (playwright), Joy Harjo(poet), Rudy Wurlitzer (writer), dancers Christiana Axelsen, Rebecca Chaleff and Peiling Kao and actor Rosemary Quinn

2013, Horizon, music by Pauline Oliveros

2013, Haunting, duet with Peiling Kao (2013)

2012, Cross Bridge, collaboration with Holley Farmer, John Jesurun, David Moodey and Rosemary Quinn

2011, Credo In Us, music by John Cage

2011, The Vessel Stories, music by Philip Glass

2010, The Prop Dances:
1. Pieces of Land, props by Jene Highstein, music by Jason Hoopes
2. 94 Feathers, props by Merrill Wagner, music by Cenk Ergun
3. Planes in Air, props by Roy Fowler, music by Joan Jeanrenaud
4. Mass Balance, prop by Todd Richmond, music by Cenk Ergun
5. Prop Dance #5, props by Keith Sonnier, music by Lainie Fefferman.

2010, Regions (Revival), set by Roy Fowler, with music by Maggi Payne

2009, Double Beginning, with spoken word by Bob Holman.

2009, Ice, Dew, Food, Crew, Ape, with music by Alvin Curran

2008, Cosmati Variations, with music by John Cage

2007, Calculus and Politics (to premiere December 11, 2007), with music by Harry Partch

2006, Four Lines, music by Jon Gibson

2006, Dreaming Awake, music by Philip Glass

2005, Patterns and Expectations, music by Fred Frith

2005, Desert Sea, music by Lou Harrison, Commissioned by the Repertory Dance Theater, Salt Lake City

2004, Lava Field, music by John Bischoff

2003, Kuro Shio, music by Bun-Ching Lam. Commissioned by Women in Dance, Seoul and Tokyo

2003, Water Courses, music and text by Joy Harjo

2003, Waiting for Rain, visual design by Roy Fowler, music by Robert Ashley. Commissioned by Peter Boal

2002, 331 Steps, visual design by Merrill Wagner, music by Laetitia Sonami

2002, Short Stories, with music by Anthony Davis and in silence, costumes by Chado Ralph Rucci.

2001, Signs/Landmark, (2001), with music by Somei Satoh. Commissioned by the New National Theater, Tokyo.

2000, Island, sculpture by Carol Hepper, music by Harold Meltzer

2000, I and You Resemble Each Other, Now, with muisic by Somei Satoh.

2000, Weathering, sculpture by Merrill Wagner

1999, Voices, music by Kevin Volans, as performed by Joan Jeanrenaud

1999, Timbral Inventions, with music by John Cage. Commissioned by the University of Utah, Salt Lake.

1998, Tala, music by John Cage

1998, La Muse Menagere, music by Darius Milhaud

1997, On the Other Ocean, music by David Behrman

1997, Trace, with music by Jonathan Hart Makwaia, painting by Roy Fowler, text by John Jesurun. Commissioned by the Joyce Theater.

1996, Pola'a, music by Lou Harrison. Commissioned by Jacob’s Pillow.

1995, Regions, sculpture by Roy Fowler, music by Maggi Payne, design by Roy Fowler. Commissioned by the 92nd Street Y. Reconstructed in 2010, commissioned by The Joyce Theater Foundation.

1995, Savanna, music by Peter Garland

1995, Sita, photography by Sandi Fellman, music by Philip Glass

1994, Bridge of Dreams, sculpture by Kiki Smith, music by Laurie Anderson

1993, Witches' Float, sculpture by Kiki Smith, music by Alvin Lucier

1993, Sightings, sculpture by Tatsuo Miyajima, music by Pauline Oliveros

1993, Nullarbor, sculpture by Richard Long, music by Robert Lloyd

1993, Channel, sculpture by Richard Serra, music by Somei Satoh

1993, Tilliboyo, music by Foday Musa Suso

1992, Place, with music by Arvo Pärt. Commisioned by The Foundation for Contemporary Performance Arts and the William Hale Harkness Foundation.

1992, Threshold, music by Somei Satoh. Commissioned by the Joyce Theater.

1991, Inner Enchantments, music by Philip Glass

1990, Bardo, music by Somei Satoh. Commissioned by Jacob’s Pillow.

1989, The Floor Dances, sculpture by Richard Long, music by Henryk Gorecki. Commissioned by the Dia Art Foundation

1989, Provenance Unknown, music by Philip Glass. A co-commission of Dance Chance and The Kitchen

1988, State of Darkness, music by Igor Stravinsky. Commissioned by the American Dance Festival

1988, In Recognition, music by Philip Glass. Commissioned by Serious Fun Festival

1987, Separate Voices, costumes by Sandi Fellman

1986, Geologic Moments, music by Philip Glass and Julius Eastman. Commissioned by the Brooklyn Academy of Music

1985, Cenotaph, music by Jamaaladeen Tacuma, text by Eric Bogosian. Commissioned by Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival

1985, Esperanto, music by Ryuichi Sakamoto, costumes by Jean-Paul Gaultier

1983, Hemispheres, visual element by Francesco Clemente, music by Anthony Davis, costumes by Rei Kawakubo. Commissioned by the Brooklyn Academy of Music

1982, Eureka, music by Peter Gordon. Commissioned by Dance Theater Workshop

1981, Gentle Desire, music by Mark Freedman. Commissioned by the American Dance Festival, Durham, NC

1981, Peripheral Vision, music by Mark Freedman

1980, Energizer, music by Mark Freedman. Commissioned by Dance Theater Workshop, New York

1980, Boca Raton, extended dance mix by Paul Alexander of Talking Heads, decor by Steven Keister

1979, Mix. Commissioned by The Kitchen Center for Video, Music and Dance, New York

1979, Video Clones with music and costumes by Molissa Fenley and visual element by Keith Haring

Professional Membership
Atlantic Center for the Arts, Master Artist, Member, 1996-Present
American Academy of Rome, Fellow, 2008
American Dance Guild, Member ongoing since 2000
Art Diary International, Member, 2012
Asian Cultural Council, Consultant, ongoing since 1989
Bogliasco, Fellow 2014
CHIME, Mentor, Member, ongoing since 2009
Dance USA, Member, ongoing since 2010
Global Dance Directory, Member, 2012
Guggenheim Foundation, Fellow, 2008
International Dance Council, CID, Conseil International de la Danse, since 2011
Mills College Alumnae Association, NYC, ongoing since 1975
Momenta Foundation, Executive Director, ongoing since 1986
New York Live Arts Associate Arts, Member, ongoing since 1986
Topaz Arts, Inc. Board Member, ongoing since 2002
Yaddo, Fellow 2015


Grants and Fellowships
2004-2013, The Cadbury Trust, UK

2001-2012, The Greenwich Collection, 2001, 2004, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2012

2011, Sarlo Excellence in Teaching Award, Mills College

2010, American Masterpieces of the NEA, Washington, D.C.

1996, 2009, Atlantic Center for the Arts, New Smyrna Beach, FL

2008, The Rome Prize in Design, The American Academy in Rome, Italy

2008, The John Simon Guggenheim Foundation, New York, NY

1991-2008, 2013, Harkness Foundations for Dance

2003-2005, The Jerome Robbins Foundation

2004-2005, Granoff Family Foundation

2003-2005, Bari Lipp Foundation

2004-2005, American Music Center

2004-2005, Pura/Weinheimer Foundation

1998-2005, 2013, Twice Foundation

2003-2004, Sharp Foundation

1991-2003, Philip Morris Companies

1994-2002, Delmas Foundation

1991, 2001, Foundation for Contemporary Performance Art

1999-2003, New England Foundation for the Arts

1998-2000, Merrill Foundation

1994-1999, Pura/Weinheimer Foundation

1996-1998, Dance Ink Foundation

1997-1998, The DTW Suitcase Fund

1996-1997, Heathcote Foundation

1991-1996, Joyce Mertz Gilmore Foundation

1992-1996, Dover Fund

1994-1995, Arts International

1994-1995, JTC Foundation

1994-1995, Lewis Foundation

1994-1995, One World Foundation

1992-1993, Fan Fox and L.R. Samuels Foundation

1991-1992, Asian Cultural Council

1981-1993, National Endowment for the Arts Choreographers Fellowship

1981, CAPS Grant

1981, Beard’s Fund Fellowship