Liam Aiello

Assistant Adjunct Professor of Education

Rebecca L Akin

Associate Adjunct Professor of Education

Professional Interests: Elementary literacy, critical literacy, Participatory Action Research, citizen science, practitioner inquiry

Nneka Allen-Harrison

Nneka N Allen-Harrison

Assistant Adjunct Professor of Education

Professional Interests: Urban education, ethical care, early childhood and youth development, home-school community partnerships, transformative learning, and narrative inquiry

Elizabeth K Baker

Adjunct Professor of Education
Kimball 211

Professional Interests: Teacher research, including Japanese lesson study; pre-service and in-service science and mathematics education; gender and equity education in the urban classroom; constructivist education

Anne E Bauer

Assistant Adjunct Professor
Natalee Kehaulani Bauer

Natalee Kehaulani K Bauer

Assistant Adjunct Professor of Race, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Mills Hall 338

Professional Interests: Native and Women of Color Feminisms, Indigenous Queer Feminisms, Racialized Gender & Sexualities, Critical Whiteness Studies, the history of schooling

Sarah D Breed

Assistant Adjunct Professor of Education

Ellen Dahlke

Assistant Adjunct Professor of Education

Professional Interests: Language, literacy, and identity; African American English; literacy education; teacher education; education in prison contexts

Priya Driscoll

Priya S Driscoll

Associate Professor of Education
Early Childhood Education Department Head, Holland Professor of Early Childhood Education
Education 215

Professional Interests: Communicative, social, and cognitive development in a diversity of learning environments; translating early childhood research into practice; the role of culture and experience in childrens attention and learning

Victoria R Forrester

Assistant Adjunct Professor

Professional Interests: The principalship, teaching and learning, Special Education, educational equity

Molly Freeman

Molly Freeman

Assistant Adjunct Professor
Tomas Galguera

Tomas Galguera

Professor of Education
Teacher Education Department Head
Education 217

Professional Interests: Teacher preparation pedagogy for language development, teacher classroom research, trauma informed practice, and the role of information technology and social media on teaching and teacher education

Sarah L Garcia

Assistant Adjunct Professor of Education

Tasha K Henneman

Assistant Adjunct Professor
Jonathan Iris-Wilbanks

Jonathan A Iris-Wilbanks

Assistant Professor of Practice of Education

Nolan A Jones

Associate Adjunct Professor of Education
Director of Online Programs

Professional Interests: Youth development, critical, transformative, and hip hop pedagogies, cultural capital and constructivism, green technology and community health

Argelia Lara

Argelia Lara

Assistant Professor of Education
Education 214

Professional Interests: Chicana/o Latina/o Education, Immigrant and Undocumented Education, Critical Race Studies in Education, Higher Education Equity and Access, and Educational Leadership

Cliff Lee

Cliff H Lee

Associate Professor of Education
Education 218

Mildred S Lewis

Assistant Adjunct Professor of Education

Kitty Li

Assistant Adjunct Professor of Education
Alison McDonald

Alison L McDonald

Adjunct Professor of Education
Director, Administrative Services Credential Program
Education 210

Professional Interests: K-12 school Leadership; transformation and sustainability in leadership positions

Pedro Nava

Pedro E Nava

Associate Professor of Education
Eugene E. Trefethen Jr. Faculty Awardee '19, Educational Leadership Department Head, Abbie Valley Professor of Education
Education 222

Professional Interests: Urban and rural education, Latina/o education, school-community partnerships, participatory action research, communities and schools, critical pedagogy, critical race theory, (im)migrant education, geographic information systems

Josette M Neal-De-Stanton

Assistant Adjunct Professor: School of Education

Julie M Nicholson

Professor of Practice

Professional Interests: Leadership development, early childhood system building (prenatal-8 years), trauma informed practices, play across the lifespan, gender and race equity, teachers' use of data to inform their instruction, and homelessness in early childhood

Linda M Perez

Professor of Education
Education 213

Professional Interests: At-risk children and families, the application of developmental theory to special education issues, mental health and developmental disorders of infancy and early childhood

Jenine V Schmidt

Assistant Adjunct Professor of Education

Maggie Sheffer

Assistant Adjunct Professor

Professional Interests: Urban Education, Teacher preparation, Diversity in Teaching Profession, New Teacher Support and Development, Teacher Pipelines, Teacher Retention, Teacher Inquiry, Professional Learning Communities, Teacher Evaluation

Josh P Stern

Assistant Adjunct Professor of Education

LT A Tan

Assistant Adjunct Professor of Education

Tracy T Trujillo

Assistant Adjunct Professor of Education
Jaci Urbani

Jaci M Urbani

Associate Professor of Education
Education 212

Professional Interests: Asset-based education & Intersections of learning and community for students with special needs; Family and professional partnerships for Early Childhood; Evidence-based practices for language and literacy development, specifically Dialogic Reading

Wanda Watson

Wanda Watson

Assistant Professor of Education
John and Martha Davidson Professorship
Education 216

Professional Interests: Critical, inclusive, and culturally relevant teaching; urban teacher education; intersections of race, class, and gender in education; youth organizing; teaching and learning in the humanities

Dana Wright

Dana E Wright

Associate Professor of Education
Education 221

Professional Interests: Curriculum studies, schooling in urban contexts, critical youth studies, social justice education, sociocultural theories of learning, educational leadership and policy, organizational transformation, and youth participatory action research (YPAR).


Wendi Williams

Dean of the School of Education

Education 220

Professional Interests: intersection of education and mental health; embodied pedagogies; leadership development


Gabriela Powell Cervantes

Director of Administration and
Executive Assistant to the Dean

EDUC 202

Kate Carlin

Academic Coordinator & Credential Analyst

EDUC 203