John L Bischoff

John Bischoff
Professor of Music, Composer
Luther Brusie Marchant Professorship of Music
Music 244

Professional Interests: Composition; electronic music for solo performers, computer network bands, and instrumental ensembles; alternative tuning systems; electroacoustic instrument construction

Curriculum Vitae


At Mills Since 2005


John Bischoff (b. 1949) is an early pioneer of live computer music. He is known for his solo constructions in real-time synthesis as well as his development of computer network music. He has performed in Europe at the Festival d'Automne in Paris, Akademie der Künste in Berlin, and STEIM in Amsterdam among other places. He is a founding member of the League of Automatic Music Composers, the world's first computer network band, and co-authored an article on the League's music that appears in "Foundations of Computer Music" (MIT Press 1985). He is also a founding member of the network band the Hub. In 1999 he received a $25,000 award from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts in New York. Recordings of his work are available on Lovely Music, Tzadik, 23Five, Centaur, and Artifact Recordings. As a member of the Hub, he was awarded a GigaHertz Prize for life-time achievement in electronic music in 2018 by ZKM in Karlsruhe, Germany.


  • BFA, California Institute of the Arts
  • MFA, Mills College

Faculty Office Hours, Spring 2020

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W 1:00 pm–3:00 pm Music 244

Spring 2020 Schedule

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  Indiv Instruct
  Thesis for Master's Degree

Courses Taught

  • MUS 001: Exploring Music: Performance, Creation, and Cultural Practice
  • MUS 006: Diatonic Harmony and Counterpoint II
  • MUS 047: Introduction to Electronic Music
  • MUS 054: Introduction to Computer Music
  • MUS 056: Musical Form: Listening and Analysis
  • MUS 107: Individual Instruction
  • MUS 147: Introduction to Electronic Music
  • MUS 154: Introduction to Computer Music
  • MUS 159: Seminar in Musical Performance, Composition, and Improvisation
  • MUS 160: Practicum
  • MUS 225: Individual Instruction in Performance and Composition
  • MUS 250: Thesis for the Master's Degree
  • MUS 251: Seminar in Computer Music
  • MUS 252: Seminar in Electronic Music Performance
  • MUS 259: Seminar in Musical Performance, Composition, and Improvisation
  • MUS 260: Practicum