Stephen W Adams

Individual Lesson Instructor in Saxophone
Music Department
David Bernstein

David Bernstein

Professor of Music
Music Department Chair
Music 264

Professional Interests: John Cage, Pauline Oliveros, American Experimentalism, avant-garde music and aesthetics, Arnold Schoenberg's tonal theories, post-tonal theory and analysis, 20th-century music literature, the history of late 19th- and early 20th-century harmonic theory

Steed Cowart

Concert Coordinator, Ensemble Director, and Private Instructor for Composition
Music A

Christopher R Davidson

Assistant Adjunct Professor

Jennifer R Ellis

Private Music Instructor for Harp
James Fei

James C Fei

Professor, Music Department and Art and Technology Program
Music 231

Professional Interests: Composition, improvisation, sound installation, live electronic music, recording, intermedia

Paul M Flight

Assistant Adjunct Professor, Private Music Instructor for Voice
Nalini Ghuman

Nalini Ghuman

Professor of Music
Luther Brusie Marchant Professor of Music
Music 265

Professional Interests: Nineteenth- and 20th-century Western classical music and opera; solo and chamber piano performance; ethnomusicology (particularly North Indian vocal music and Welsh folk music); cultural studies; post-colonial perspectives on musical orientalism, nationalism, and cross-cultural musical exchange

Molly C Holm

Individual Lesson Instructor in Voice
Music Building

Rita Lilly

Ensemble Director for Mills College Choir

Zeena Parkins

Distinguished Visiting Professor in Music
Darius Milhaud Professor
Music 275

Professional Interests: Composition; improvisation; sound installations; recording; sound processing; inventing new harps; performances of music: acoustic/electric, analog/digital, composed/improvised; writing scores for film, theater and dance with a particularly strong commitment to collaborative work with choreographers and visual artists

Tomeka Reid

Darius Milhaud Distinguished Visiting Professor
Music 276

Sue D Slagle

Assistant Adjunct Professor
Laetitia Sonami

Laetitia Sonami

Visiting Assistant Professor of Music
Music Department

Kaori Suzuki

Assistant Adjunct Professor of Music

Jennifer L Wilsey

Assistant Adjunct Professor

Professional Interests: Deep Listening; contemplative practices in the arts and higher education; pedagogies and practices of improvisation, musicianship, and music theory

William K Winant

Individual Lesson Instructor in Percussion


Steed Cowart

Concert Coordinator

Music 138

Brendan Glasson

Technical Director

Music 233

Kristian Dahlbom

Departmental Administrator

Music 137