Nalini Ghuman

Nalini Ghuman
Professor of Music
Luther Brusie Marchant Professor of Music
Music 265

Professional Interests: Nineteenth- and 20th-century Western classical music and opera; solo and chamber piano performance; ethnomusicology (particularly North Indian vocal music and Welsh folk music); cultural studies; post-colonial perspectives on musical orientalism, nationalism, and cross-cultural musical exchange

Curriculum Vitae


At Mills Since 2003


  • BA, The Queens College, Oxford
  • MA, The Queens College, Oxford
  • MMUS, King's College, University of London
  • PhD, University of California, Berkeley

Fall 2021 Schedule

Day Time Course Title Room
MW9:30 am-10:45 amWomen, Gender, and MusicMUS 123
  Thesis for Master's Degree

Courses Taught

  • MUS 001: Exploring Music: Performance, Creation, and Cultural Practice
  • MUS 016: Women, Gender, and Musical Creativity
  • MUS 056: Listening to Music
  • MUS 116: Women, Gender, and Music
  • MUS 141: The Music of India: Brahma to Bhangra
  • MUS 160: Practicum
  • MUS 163: The World of Opera
  • MUS 237: Seminar in Music Literature and Criticism
  • MUS 241: The Music of India: Brahma to Bhangra
  • MUS 250: Thesis for the Master's Degree
  • MUS 260: Practicum