Charlene M Betts-Ng

Associate Adjunct Professor of Biology
NSB 124

Professional Interests: The transport of chemicals and biota into coastal rivers and marine ecosystems

Jennifer Cassano

Jennifer A Cassano

Associate Adjunct Professor of Chemistry

Ron H Chiarello

Adjunct Professor of Chemistry

Professional Interests: DNA/RNA synthesis and application development, novel labeling techniques for biomolecules, process development in biotechnology

Amy Chu

Amy Chu

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Rhoda Goldman Professorship in Environmental Science
NSB 117
Lynn Delker

Lynn M Delker

Adjunct Professor
NSB 116

Professional Interests: Physics and science education

Kristina Faul

Kristina L Faul

Professor of Geochemistry and Environmental Geology
Chemistry Department Chair, Gibbons-Young Chair for the Advancement of Science
NSB 119
Camille Kaslan

Camille L Kaslan

Associate Adjunct Professor of Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science
Mills College Pre-Nursing Program, Hellman Summer of Science and Math

Professional Interests: Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Physical Chemistry, Experimental Chemistry, Ultrafast Spectroscopy

Beth Kochly

Beth D Kochly

Associate Professor of Chemistry
Associate Provost
NSB 129

Professional Interests: Mechanistic studies and reactive intermediates in organic chemistry, organic reactions in ionic liquids

Boe Mendewala

Boe Mendewala

Assistant Adjunct Professor of Chemistry
Ana Mostafavi

Ana Mostafavi

Assistant Professor of Biochemistry
NSB 128

Professional Interests: Biochemistry

James D Smiley

Assistant Adjunct Professor
Jenn Smith

Jenn E Smith

Associate Professor of Biology
Biology Department Chair
NSB 122

Professional Interests: Behavioral and evolutionary ecology of social rodents and carnivores

Nicole R Snyder

Assistant Adjunct Professor of Chemistry
Sarah Swope

Sarah M Swope

Associate Professor of Biology
NSB 121

Professional Interests: Local adaptation and gene flow; Plant population biology and population genetics; the conservation of rare native plants in a rapidly changing climate

Lisa Urry

Lisa Urry

Professor of Biology
NSB 123

Professional Interests: Developmental biology of sea urchin embryos and larvae, cell-cell and cell-extracellular matrix interactions, science education/pedagogy

Helen Walter

Helen J Walter

Visiting Associate Professor of Biology
Director of the Pre-Nursing Program, Director of the Hellman Summer Science and Math Program
NSB 131

Professional Interests: Discovery of soil microorganisms that produce novel antimicrobials and testing the effectiveness of antimicrobials from indigenous plants.

Rebecca A Werlin

Rachelle D Woods

Assistant Adjunct Professor

Erika Yeh

Assistant Adjunct Professor
Jared Young

Jared Young

Associate Professor of Biology
Olga T. Scheffler Chair in the Sciences
NSB 120

Professional Interests: Sensation and behavior in the nematode and model organism, Caenorhabditis elegans.


Vala Burnett

Health Sciences Coordinator

NSB 111