Public Health & Health Equity


Daniel J Araujo

Assistant Adjunct Professor of Biology
Sandra Banks

Sandra M Banks

Adjunct Professor of Chemistry
Director of Mills Post-Bac Pre-Medical Program
NSB 125

Professional Interests: Chemical education, organic chemistry-spectroscopy and organic chemistry reaction mechanisms

Natalee Kehaulani K Bauer

Assistant Adjunct Professor of Race, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Mills Hall 338

Charlene M Betts-Ng

Assistant Adjunct Professor of Biology
NSB 124

Professional Interests: The transport of chemicals and biota into coastal rivers and marine ecosystems

Belinda A Bush

Assistant Adjunct Professor of Pre-Nursing
Jennifer Cassano

Jennifer A Cassano

Assistant Adjunct Professor of Chemistry
Mara Diaz

Mara Diaz

Assistant Adjunct Professor of Ethnic Studies
Alex Engel

Alex C Engel

Assistant Professor of Biology
Gibbons-Young Professorship
NSB 127

Professional Interests: Cell biology, biological membranes, cell fusion, immunology

Kristina Faul

Kristina L Faul

Professor of Geochemistry and Environmental Geology
NSB 119

Professional Interests: Oceanography, climate change, the chemistry of past oceans, paleoceanography

Priya Kandaswamy

Priya Kandaswamy

Associate Professor of Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Vera Long 132

Professional Interests: Feminist and queer theory; race, gender, and US welfare politics; women of color in the US; theories of race and sexuality; sexuality and citizenship; geographies of race, gender, and sexuality

Camille L Kaslan

Assistant Adjunct Professor of Chemistry
Beth Kochly

Beth D Kochly

Associate Professor of Chemistry
Olga T. Scheffler Chair in the Sciences
NSB 129

Professional Interests: Mechanistic studies and reactive intermediates in organic chemistry, organic reactions in ionic liquids

Sheila Lloyd

Sheila Lloyd

Professor of English, Associate Provost
Mills Hall

Professional Interests: African-American literature and contemporary literary theory

Ajuan Mance

Ajuan M Mance

Professor of Ethnic Studies and English
Certificate for the Advancement of Digital Learning
Mills Hall 311

Professional Interests: African American literature, 19th-century American literature, US popular culture, the oral tradition in US literature, Black feminist thought, African American art

Margo Okazawa-Rey

Margo Okazawa-Rey

Barbara Lee Distinguished Chair in Women's Leadership
Barbara Lee Professorship in Women's Leadership
Vera Long 115

Professional Interests: Gender and militarism, economic globalization, transnational feminist activism, feminist activist research methodologies, critical multicultural education

Chinyere Oparah

Chinyere Oparah

Provost and Dean of Faculty, Professor of Ethnic Studies
Mills Hall 204

Professional Interests: African diaspora studies, Black British studies, black feminist theory, women of color organizing, transnational prison-industrial complex, women and transgender prisoners, black women and childbirth

Jenn Smith

Jenn E Smith

Associate Professor of Biology
Letts–Villard Professorship in Natural Sciences
NSB 122

Professional Interests: Behavioral and evolutionary ecology of social rodents and carnivores

Nicole R Snyder

Assistant Adjunct Professor of Chemistry
Sarah Swope

Sarah M Swope

Assistant Professor of Biology
Rhoda Goldman Professorship in Environmental Science
NSB 121

Professional Interests: How plants mediate interactions among pollinators, herbivores and pathogens; geographic variation in demography; invasive plants as model systems for research; conservation of rare native plants

Elaine M Tan

Associate Adjunct Professor of Biology
NSB 124

Professional Interests: Anatomy and functional circuitry of the brain

Lisa Urry

Lisa Urry

Professor of Biology
NSB 123

Professional Interests: Developmental biology of sea urchin embryos and larvae, cell-cell and cell-extracellular matrix interactions, science education/pedagogy

Elisabeth Wade

Elisabeth A Wade

Professor of Chemistry, Associate Provost
NSB 117

Professional Interests: Chemical kinetics, atmospheric pollutants, atmospheric and combustion chemistry

Helen Walter

Helen J Walter

Visiting Associate Professor of Biology
Director of the Pre-Nursing Program, Director of the Hellman Summer Science and Math Program
NSB 131

Professional Interests: Testing the antimicrobial properties of indigenous plants and microbial contributions to extraterrestrial habitats

Jared Young

Jared Young

Associate Professor of Biology
NSB 120

Professional Interests: Odor sensing pathways and their modulation in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans

Arely M Zimmerman

Assistant Professor of Ethnic Studies
Mills Hall 345

Professional Interests: Politics of identity (race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality); immigrant civic engagement and political participation; Social movements and protest politics; migration and transnationalism, Latin American/Latino politics, New Media and Media Activism; Central American communities; Youth, youth cultures, and youth civic engagement; comparative racialization; law and society; political theory; race, ethnicity, and gender


Mary Pace

Faculty Administrative Assistant

NSB 111

Judith Pierce

Division of Student Life Manager, Wellness and Community Outreach

Cowell 123