Zeena Parkins

Artist in Residence
Music Department

Professional Interests: Composition; improvisation; sound installations; recording; sound processing; inventing new harps; performances of music: acoustic/electric, analog/digital, composed/improvised; writing scores for film, theater and dance with a particularly strong commitment to collaborative work with choreographers and visual artists


At Mills Since 2007

Spring 2019 Schedule

Day Time Course Title Room
  Indiv Instruct
M6:45 pm-9:15 pmMusic Improvisation Ensemble IMUS 202
  Indiv Instruct
T1:00 pm-3:30 pmMusic/DanceMUS 123
R4:00 pm-6:30 pmIssues in Contemp Perf & ImproMUS 123
  Indiv Instruct Perform & Comp
T6:45 pm-9:15 pmMusic Improv Ensemble IIMUS 202
  Thesis for Master's Degree

Courses Taught

  • MUS 001: Exploring Music: Performance, Creation, and Cultural Practice
  • MUS 026: Music Improvisation Ensemble I
  • MUS 126: Music Improvisation Ensemble I
  • MUS 149: Creativity Seminar: conception, collaboration, realization.
  • MUS 160: Practicum
  • MUS 207: MUS 207 Music/Dance
  • MUS 210: Selected Issues in Contemporary Performance and Improvisation
  • MUS 242: Music Improvisation Ensemble II
  • MUS 250: Thesis for the Master's Degree
  • MUS 260: Practicum
  • MUS 291: Composition Seminar