Mills College Annual Fund

Contributions to the Mills College Annual Fund from alumnae, parents, and friends help support student scholarships and provide critical operating funds for each fiscal year, which runs July 1 through June 30. The College counts on annual gifts from the Mills community to maintain high-quality academic programs, respond to urgent needs, and launch new initiatives.

Providing scholarships for our students is the top priority at Mills, and gifts to the Mills College Annual Fund have helped Mills provide increasingly generous scholarships over the past several years. These scholarships ensure that Mills can attract and retain the students with the greatest potential.

Alumnae participation in annual giving is especially important to the strength of the Mills College Annual Fund. In 2013-14, 26 percent of Mills alumnae made gifts to the College. Higher participation would allow Mills to meet the needs of more of our students.

Every contribution helps in this effort. Learn how to make your annual gift, why a Mills student will call you this year, how you can help by serving as a class agent, and how parents can play a role. For more information about MCAF, call 510.430.2366 or email

Consistent philanthropic support of the Mills College Annual Fund allows Mills to plan for the future with confidence. When you make a gift to the Mills College Annual Fund, it joins the gifts of thousands of other alumnae, parents, and friends. Together, your gifts make a Mills education possible for hundreds of students and serve as a sound investment in the future.

We look forward to thanking you for your gift. Learn how we recognize our donors.