Telephone Outreach Program

The Telephone Outreach Program (TOP) is staffed by Mills students who are committed to increasing the excellence of education at Mills. This dedicated group contacts nearly 20,000 members of the Mills community by phone every year.

When a TOP representative calls you, you have the opportunity to learn more about the campus, ask any questions you may have about Mills, update your records, and make a difference by contributing to the Mills College Annual Fund. We urge you to pick up the phone when a Mills student calls.

Students Can Help.

The Telephone Outreach Program is always hiring new student representatives to grow our program. This on-campus job is a great opportunity to learn valuable communication skills and build a professional resume while helping Mills uphold its tradition of excellence. If you know or are a Mills student who might be interested in working for TOP, please contact MCAF at 510.430.2366 or email