OIA Staff Directory

Office of the Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Jeff Jackanicz, PhD
Vice President, Office of Institutional Advancement
Mills Hall, Room 113
P: 510.430.2380
F: 510.430.2256
E: jjackanicz@mills.edu

Kim Baker '95
Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Mills Hall, Room 115
P: 510.430.2381
E: kbaker@mills.edu

Alumnae Relations and Annual Fund

Nikole Hilgeman Adams
Senior Director of Annual Fund and Alumnae Relations
Reinhardt Alumnae House
P: 510.430.2229
F: 510.430.2301
E: nhilgeman@mills.edu

Chelsea Ekholm '13
Alumnae Engagement Manager
Reinhardt Alumnae House
P: 510.430.2123
F: 510.430.2301
E: cekholm@mills.edu

Sarah Nash '92
Advancement Communications Manager
White Hall
P: 510.430.3382
F: 510.430.2269
E: snash@mills.edu

Individual Philanthropy

Jennifer Gibbs
Senior Advancement Director
Reinhardt Alumnae House
P: 510.430.2242
F: 510.430.2301
E: jgibbs@mills.edu

Gurpreet Tung
Assistant Director of Advancement
Reinhardt Alumnae House
P: 510.430.2378
F: 510.430.2301
E: gtung@mills.edu

Mark Jones
Director of Legacy Giving
Mills Hall, Room 117
P: 510.430.2343
E: markjones@mills.edu

Brenna Denicola
Administrative Assistant
White Hall
P: 510.430.3368
E: bdenicola@mills.edu

Corporate, Foundation, and Constituent Relations

Dyana Curreri-Ermatinger
Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations
Reinhardt Alumnae House
P: 510.430.2392
E: dcurreri@mills.edu

Engagement and Stewardship

Melanie Reilly
Director of Stewardship and Donor Engagement
Reinhardt Alumnae House
P: 510.430.2268
F: 510.430.2301
E: melreilly@mills.edu

Advancement Services

Sherisse Dozier
Director of Advancement Services
Carnegie Hall
P: 510.430.2098 
E: sdozier@mills.edu

Suzanne Alexander
Associate Director of Advancement Services
Carnegie Hall
P: 510.430.2311
E: salexander@mills.edu

Kaitlyn Ngo
Information Systems Analyst
Carnegie Hall
P: 510.430.2319
E: kngo@mills.edu

Kathleen Stavis '06, MBA '07
Prospect Research Manager
Carnegie Hall
P: 510.430.2361
E: kstavis@mills.edu

Carol Anderson
Temporary Data and Special Projects Manager
Carnegie Hall
P: 510.430.2098
E: caanderson@mills.edu

Pamela Carr '84
Data Coordinator
Carnegie Hall
P: 510.430.2288
E: pamelac@mills.edu

Margarita de la Torre '17
Constituent and Gift Records Coordinator
Carnegie Hall
P: 510.430.3390
E: madelatorre@mills.edu